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Gran Canaria Holidays

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Gran Canaria is basically the third largest in the Canary Islands and its major city Las Palmas shares capital status with Santa Cruz in Tenerife. Gran Canaria is said to derive its name, not from the yellow birds that sacrificed their lives in mines before the invention of the Davy Lamp, but from the worship of dogs which adorn their coat of arms. Canaari, which the Romans called it, means dog in Latin.

Today their worship tends to be mainly aesthetic and pleasure is derived from coastal pleasures such as bathing, surfing, sailing, fishing and diving. The sanded beaches can vary immensely from volcanic black to glattering gold, popular and well-maintained to secluded and craggy. It is probably the most beautiful of all the islands and enjoys temperate spring weather (21-27ÂșC) all the year-round. The mountains of the Pozo de Las Nieves are the only exception, as they heighten they invite snow to the higher peaks.

There are clubs for these sports that will help you get the most out of your experiences and they are more than worthwhile the effort. Surfing and sailing will help you to get the most of being on the water. Fishing will help you get the most out of the water: marlin, needlefish, tuna and others. And under the water, there is a huge diverse fauna and flora blessed seascape waiting for the diver to explore. The port houses many vessels from the meek to the more grandiose cruisers and also is a good stop over point for boat owners who need essential repairs. There are also organised boat trips to whale and dolphin habitats with experienced guides and crew to ensure a knowledgeable and safe tour.

Besides the sea, botanical varieties of plant are abounding on this beautiful island and it claims over 100 indigenous species unique only to Gran Canaria itself. A visit to the Botanical Gardens in Las Palmas will help you to identify and discover these for yourself. There are many ways to get around Gran Canaria, you can walk, cycle, hike or you can mount a horse and even a camel can be arranged on one of their safaris. Take to the heights with rock climbing or survey the area with a round of golf at one of their courses. There are also amusement parks for children, great shopping opportunities and nightlife to relish until the next dawn arrival.

It has its own airport with excellent transfer facilities to your final destination. These can be arranged in advance and purchased at the same time as organising your flight ticket. Another popular option is to have your own transport and hire a car, either in advance or at one of the desks at the airport.

Ferries to Ireland: Getting Travel and Hotel Packages

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The best way to explore Ireland is by a car and ferries to Ireland holiday package where you can; stay in a luxury hotel and explore the country at your own convenience and pace. You can pack up your car with all the goods you need, bring all the family, and even bring the dog if you wish and have your hotel room ready and waiting for you when you arrive.

Ireland has a great selection of 3 star or 4 star hotels in the city, coastal and inland locations making a ferries to Ireland package perfect for a car tour, short break or even on a relaxing spa weekend. If you like a break down south you could visit Cork city and stay at the Maldron, just 5 minutes away from Patrick Street, Cork city's main vibrant thoroughfare, this hotel is ideally located for enjoying Cork City be it the traditional Irish pubs or award winning restaurants. You can then take a break from the city and visit Kinsale. The Carlton hotel is set on 90 acres of mature wooded parkland with panoramic views overlooking Oysterhaven Bay. Discover a region renowned for its rugged coastline, beautiful harbour locations, a myriad of gourmet restaurants and superb golf courses.

The Hudson Bay Hotel in Athlone is just over an hour drive from Dublin Port and is the perfect location for exploring the midlands Tourist attractions include Athlone Castle, Clonmacnoise, and Belvedere House or enjoy a taste of Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey at Locke's Distillery. Another opportunity with one of the many ferries to Ireland is a city break in Dublin, The Burlington Hotel is one of Dublin City's most well know hotels and a long standing favourite. With ample complimentary parking, choice of local pubs and restaurants just outside the hotel and within easy reach for St Stephens Green and the shopping area of Grafton Street.

If you would like to visit the West of Ireland you could drive the two hours from Dublin Port to Galway city and stay in the Galway Bay Hotel in the seaside Salthil resort. It is well worth taking the time to explore Galway's pedestrianized streets full of interesting shops and traditional Irish bars. You could then drive a little further towards Co. Clare then stay in The Armada Hotel; a world away from the hustle and bustle of modern day living and commanding a superb ocean-front setting in the beautiful seaside resort of Spanish Point.

There are many different options open to you when you take one of the many ferries to Ireland and with a nice hotel to spend your nights you will never tire of getting to know the country

Places to See in Singapore on Road

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Getting around Singapore can sometimes be very difficult, as the city-capital has over 5 million people,  and with a density population of  about 19,544 people per square kilometer. With the kind of population, it means that it is very cramped and prone to serious traffic jams. This can be a big problem if you do not know where you are going, which is why a chauffeur service can come in handy. Before you plan your next visit to Singapore, make sure you book a valet service to ensure that you go everywhere that you need to go on time.

 Singapore Laws

Due to the population density of this tiny island, there are laws that govern the number of vehicles that can be on the road at one particular time. Those who buy a car must apply for a special license to be able to drive their vehicles. Any chauffeurs that you decide to hire will also need to have this drivers license, which makes these services in high demands. As a result, it is a great idea to find a valet service before you arrive, as you never know if one will be available.

Arriving at Singapore Airport

Perhaps the main reason why people hire a chauffeur in Singapore is for airport transportation. The Singapore Changi Airport is the seventh busiest airport in the entire world, so finding transportation once you arrive can be a challenge. Although there is public transport available, most people just want to relax after the long flight to Singapore and do not want to deal with more crowds. Hiring a chauffeur makes this very easy, as you will be picked up at the airport and taken anywhere that you need to go. The airport is about 20 minutes from the downtown core, so it is an easy trip to make if you have a valet.

Places to Visit In Singapore

Once you arrive in Singapore, you can use your chauffeur to take you to all of the culturally significant locations in the area. Some of the most popular locations to visit in Singapore include Marina Bay, which is a great location for shopping, and the Singapore Botanical Gardens, which is home to over 3000 different types of orchids. If you are looking to try some local cuisine, places like Telok Ayer Market could be worth a visit. With so many different places to explore, it makes sense to have a professional driver to take you everywhere, as it is the fastest and most efficient way to get around the city.

Historic Towns in inland New South Wales

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 Although Aboriginal Australians have inhabited Australia for over 40,000 years, their nomadic lifestyle has left little for historians to explore. Colonial occupation of Australia began in 1788 when the British First Fleet landed on Australian shores loaded with convicts and a penal colony was established.  Over the next century numerous other colonies were established surrounding the lucrative gold fields and agricultural industries and European settlement flourished with the  population growing rapidly. In the early 1800s, towns were starting to be established all over the country in regions where farming and agriculture were optimum. Although Australia’s history is relatively new, there are still some great places to visit with rich pasts and historical architecture.


Goulburn, located in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, brands itself as Australia’s first inland city and was first opened to European settlement in 1820 when the colonial government made land grants to free settlers.  A few years later, land in the area was released to buy and Goulburn was established as a sheep and farming region.  The town continued to grow and prosper with the railway arriving in 1869. Many of the town’s historic buildings were built in the late 1800s and still stand today. The first lock up was built in 1830 and the first Goulburn gaol was proclaimed in 1847. In 1881, new premises were erected and after several renamings and a 20 million dollar extension in 2001, the current Goulburn Correctional Centre was born.  The high risk management facility is the most secure prison in Australia and houses the most dangerous and infamous prisoners. The Kenmore hospital completed in 1894, the Coolavin Hotel in Sloane Street from around 1850 and Goulburn’s first permanent fire station built in 1890 are all grand examples of architecture from their era. Goulburn’s historic buildings and pretty countryside make it an interesting place to visit. There is plenty of good Goulburn accommodation available to suit all styles of travellers, only two hours from Sydney, Goulburn and on the train line, Goulburn is easily accessible for a day trip or a weekend away.


The town of Moree in northern New South Wales has a slightly chequered history. Originally inhabited by the Kamilaroi indigenous people, Moree was established as a town in 1862 due to its rich, dark soil ideal for farming. The original occupants were largely driven from the area by the European settlers. In 1965 Moree came to the attention of Australians as a rural town that was involved in racial segregation most notably in the local swimming pool where aborigines were refused entry.  After a confrontation with the local council and pool owners, aboriginal children were allowed to swim outside school hours. The historical cemetery in Moree is a must see for genealogists and historians, being the final resting place for Edward Bulwer Lytton Dickens, author Charles Dickens’ youngest son.  There are several historic buildings constructed around the turn of the 19th century, including the courthouse and vicarage worthy of visiting and the surrounding farmland is home to the largest pecan nut farm in the southern hemisphere. Moree accommodation is good value and the locals are friendly and accommodating. 


Established in 1846, Orange is a city in New South Wales central west region that flourished after a nearby gold discovery in 1851 which led to the Australian gold rush era. Orange became a central trading centre for gold along with an agricultural centre due to the excellent conditions for cold climate fruit. There are still a good selection of buildings built in the 19th century displaying the charm and beauty of this era. You can take the Heritage trail that winds through the streets of Orange past the Holy Trinity Church (1879), Duntryleague Guest House (1876), Orange Court House (1873) and Orange Town Hall. The heritage Robertson Park was established in 1882 and is still flourishing with ancient trees and beautiful gardens.  The birthplace of famous poet Banjo Patterson who wrote the iconic ‘Waltzing Matilda’, Orange has set up a monument recognising Australia’s best known and admired poet. The growth of the wine making industry in the region has seen Orange’s popularity as a holiday destination increase and seen the dramatic expansion of Orange accommodation options. Orange has a great range of hotels, motels, B&Bs and apartments at value for money prices. 

For more information on Goulburn accommodation, Moree accommodation and Orange accommodation visit Choice Hotels online.

How to find Hotels for a business trip

Many people travel for business reasons very often. When trying to look for hotels for business trips, it is wise to consider the hotels that have business type of accommodation. The considerations can vary from business services or just  being able to relax after a hard day's work. This makes it a pretty easy process.
Business Services

The first thing to consider is what kind of business services the hotel offers. will they have meeting rooms or places to work from? Do they have a business center? Think about what you are going to need. Are you traveling for a business event, do you need a room to show presentations in? There are many hotels out there that offer all of these services. You simply need to know where to look and whether the services are high quality or not. The business centers typically have a fax machine, printer and computers to work on. Higher end hotels also have collation services as well as equipment to rent. There are even locations that make it easy to rent tablets and laptops.

Relaxation and Fun Services

People that run these places know how important it is to deflate after a rough day of working. They offer lounges where one can go to relax and have a few drinks in the hotel. The area may also be filled with high-end restaurants that cater to business people. They know that it is a lot of hard work and they know what you need. Super high-end places that offer executive lounges have made it their life's work to build the most visually and professionally appealing places to stay.

Making Decisions

Consider the work budget and what kind of services you and your team would prefer to have. It is great to have all of the things you need and want in one place. Locations that provide business services, delicious foods to eat, and drinks to have at the end of the workday are the most appealing. Make sure that you concentrate on the ones that have the higher ratings. Do some research into the various options that are available. Look into their reviews. People love to give reviews of places they have been and they list the pros and cons of every hotel. This makes it all the more easier.

Discuss the potential locations with your team and your boss. Make sure that everyone going on the trip has say in where they get to stay. Other business associates can also help by giving information about hotels they have stayed at during other business trips, which will add a positive impact to how you all decide where to stay. Your boss in particular could most likely help, because they have more than likely been to all kinds of places and can offer you some insight.

Exciting Adventures in Queens New York

Queens New York
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by H.D. Bien

Tons of people have visited many spots of this borough over the years and always leave satisfied. Make sure you check out the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, New York Surf School, and the Resorts World Casino. You will keep yourself busy for days at these attractions.

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

This quaint little place is on the top of the most liked attractions that are in Queens. You can bring your entire family along to this spot to check out what nature has to offer you and your family. It changes with seasons though, so be sure to check it out in your favorite season. You can catch a glimpse of all kinds of birds here as well. Nothing is more relaxing than walking along nature's paths. The air is so crisp and clean that it's a fantastic way to get away from all the pollution being caused by the cars in New York. You can check out the Green themed visitor center that they recently built. You will find some great rangers here that are willing to help you along the way.

New York Surf School

Nothing is better than catching waves on a nice windy and sunny day. Surfing can be quite hard if you are a beginner and that is not a problem for the instructors at this surf school. They can get you up on the board within the hour and have you surfing like a pro. You won't feel left out either because there are plenty of people who can help you get started surfing. They allow you to have the full experience of surfing without all the headaches that come with other surf schools. Other schools have you rotate and wait forever until it's your turn again. This is something you won't experience at this school. It is great for inpatient people who want to start surfing like someone who has been doing it for years. They will teach you everything you need to know. It is just short of having yourself glued to the board when you are out riding the waves.

Resorts World Casino

There are mixed feelings about this casino. In general though, if you are responsible enough with your money and enjoy a good time, you can't beat it. You will find the entertainment and food here very nice. You can go from slot machine to slot machine very easily and they are great for beginners to try them out. Make sure you check out Gentings Palace Restaurant for some great Hong Kong type food. They have excellent staff in the restaurants and floor here at this casino. It is the best one in New York. If you like horse racing, make sure you check out the hug race track. If you know where JFK International Airport is, you are on the right track to finding this casino.

In conclusion, all of these spots will keep you occupied for a long time. They truly are spots that you will not want to miss while visiting this part of New York. Make sure you bring home some souvenirs with you as well.

Looking for more adventures in Queens?

See my guide at What To Do In Queens. I've also written a shorter guide for Fun Places To Go In Queens.

Looking for more adventures in Queens? See my guide at What To Do In Queens. I've also written a shorter guide for Fun Places To Go In Queens.


Places to Visit in Paris

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 by Lia-feature

 Paris is one of the most popular destinations in the world because it has gained the reputation of being romantic and cultural. France itself was an important hot point in the development of European culture, especially where Modernism and 20th century culture are concerned. Moreover, Paris enjoys the luxury of offering one of the most refined cuisines in the world, including an impressive array of wines and champagnes. So if you are looking for places to visit in Paris, we are going to enumerate some of the main attractions in what follows.

   Among all the famous places to visit in Paris, the Eiffel Tower definitely takes the crown, so we begin with it. Built in 1889 by engineer Gustave Eiffel – the same individual who made the Statue of Liberty –, the tower was only intended to be presented at an exhibition, but remained to become the city’s most important landmark. Don’t miss climbing the tower for a spectacular view of the city and its surroundings.

   Another important destination that you shouldn’t miss in Paris is the Louvre Museum, holding one of the most impressive art collections in the world, including the renowned and mysterious Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci. Unfortunately, you may have to wait in long lines to get in, especially if you go at the height of tourist season, but it is definitely worth the wait. Further into the city, one of the important places to visit in Paris is the Arc de Triomphe, the largest of its type in the world, reigning at one end of the beautiful boulevard, Champs-Elysees.

   Paris is filled with sumptuous, grand buildings, so keep your eyes peeled whenever you roam its streets. Make sure you don’t miss destinations like the d’Orsay Museum, host of a wonderful collection of Impressionist paintings from masters like Manet, Monet and Renoir. The Sacre-Coeur basilica is among the essential places to visit in Paris, because you get to admire the Byzantine-like architecture and the complex mosaics inside. And if we’re talking about churches, we also need to mention Sainte-Chapelle, a tremendous example of medieval architecture and simply one of the most beautiful churches to exist.

   Like we mentioned before, Paris used to be the place where all the rebellious artists of the 20th century gathered to form the basis of modern culture, and this can still be experienced and felt in quarters like Montmartre. A must in Paris is visiting the Notre Dame de Paris, a Gothic masterpiece of unsurpassed beauty. For more of the cultural Paris, you can also visit the Picasso Museum, the Rodin Museum and the Brancusi atelier.

It can be difficult to decide which are the best places to visit in Paris, because every visitor will probably like a different aspect of this cultural city; nevertheless, everyone will enjoy the beautiful architecture, the impressive churches and basilicas, the wide boulevards and narrow alleys with their romantic atmosphere.