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Finding Quaint and Rustic Hotels

  Have you ever been interested in the stories of the old Wild West? If you have, you have probably heard of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This area in Wyoming is known for old Wild West stories of horse thieves and bandits of old. Today, if you are going to any one of the Jackson Hole hotels in Wyoming, fantastic ski slopes and outdoor activities are what make them famous, rather than bandits and thieves.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is not well known for big, ritzy hotels, but they are known worldwide for their unique and excellent service. The hotels in this Western town tend to be smaller, which is great, because it allows the staff of the hotel to treat each customer like they are the only guest there.

Getting To Manhattan

A lot of people like to visit or would like to visit Manhattan if they get a chance. You might actually have tickets to a TV show taping being held there. You can use these quick tips to make sure you get to Manhattan at the last minute.

Getting A Plane Ticket

Getting a plane ticket at the last moment is possible, but you need to know what things to avoid. A lot of people just buy the quickest flight out and they will lose a lot of money this way. You need to make sure you are searching for your ticket on various websites that offer tickets. Make sure you find one that has a round-trip ticket as well. You will find cheaper deals if you do this. You should also call your trip advisor and tell them to start planning your trip for you. Try to find the spots of each day that a lot of people don't like to fly. This could be in the middle of the week, mornings, or even evenings. You can find great deals this way.

Manhattan At Night

You might have found some excellent things to keep you busy from morning until afternoon, but you are missing out if you do not go to some special events that take place in the Manhattan night fall. You can see awesome theater shows that will keep the kids happy. Even younger children will enjoy the free museums that are offered.

Museum Of Modern Art Theater

This is an excellent free theater for all kids who are under the age of 16. If you happen to get a chance to go from Friday from 4pm to 8pm, you can get free screenings of many family friendly movies. You will mostly have black and white films that day, but you can also view a couple that are in color. Either way, it is a wonderful way to wind down during the evening and escape the summer heat. Nothing is better than a free movie for the whole family. Check out which films are being shown on certain days at their website. You will be able to get tickets ahead of time there as well. You should also check out the types of contact information they are giving there.

Understand Much About Riverton Wyoming Hotels

Riverton Wyoming hotels refer to prestigious restaurants that provide people with catering services. The restaurants are of great comfort and luxury. They serve a large number of people per any given time.

The restaurants are situated in one of cities in USA. This city is referred to as Wyoming City. The city is found within Fremont County. It marks the biggest city within the aforementioned region. It is also extensively known as the major city that is always found close to Indian Reservation for the Wind River.

The community of people living in Wyoming City is specifically called the Riverton municipal. It is called so since four special rivers meet at this particular town. It is bordered by Shoshone tribe in the East and again the Arapaho tribe in the North. For that reason, the restaurants which are available here are called Riverton Wyoming hotels.

Auckland Hot Spots

In recent years New Zealand has become best known for its otherworldly landscapes that are being so readily used to depict fantasy lands in big budget Hollywood movies such as the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Few people visit New Zealand to visit Auckland alone but as a starting or ending point to a New Zealand adventure, Auckland has a lot to offer. Here is a list of the current hotspots in Auckland and the must do things to see and do if you’re passing through the cosmopolitan city that is Auckland. Don’t stay holed up in your Auckland CBD accommodation thinking there’s nothing to see… get out and explore - you could be pleasantly surprised.

Auckland Art Gallery

The gallery only re-opened in September of 2011 after a 3 year major renovation and is well worth a visit even if you’re not an art connoisseur. A highlight of the gallery is the gallery of turn of the century portraits of Maori leaders with their intricate tattoos and fierce expressions. The permanent collection is spread across four levels and includes both contemporary and Kiwi work and international pieces.

Atlanta’s Scariest Haunted Attractions

Three Atlanta attractions offer the ultimate in Halloween fright.  A combination of dimly lit passage ways, scary live actors, and great special effects may give visitors the scariest experience of their lives.  These attractions are not suitable for young children, but teenagers and adults may have a ghoulishly good time. Here are the highlights of these scary Halloween haunts.

Netherworld is one of the best haunted house attractions in the Southeast.  The Travel Channel has called Netherworld the most horrifying haunted house in the nation.  A visit to Netherworld is not for the timid.  Expect incredible special effects, live actors, and terrifying monsters at every turn.  Netherworld has two separate attractions.  The theme of the main one is “The Dead Ones.”  Visitors will walk through an ancient burial ground and enter into the hidden temple of the Dead Ones.  To hear them brings madness, and to touch them means death.  Beware the strange howling of animals as noxious things are unleashed into the night.  The other attraction is “Boogeyman.”  There is no escaping the Boogeyman, who haunts our dreams and locks us into terrifying nightmares.  Admission for both attractions is $28 on Sunday-Thursday and $30 on Friday and Saturday.  Admission to “The Dead Ones” only is $22 on Sunday-Thursday and $25 on Friday and Saturday.  Netherworld is located at 6624 Dawson Boulevard in Norcross and is open through November 3.

Best Bowling Alleys In New York

 Whether you like to bowl for fun or competitively, you will definitely want to see what New York has to offer it's fellow bowlers. You can meet some great people at some of these bowling venues who will have great stories. It will be great for the entire family.

300 Club New York

This bowling spot has gone under construction and is now better and stronger than ever. You will have 40 incredibly nice bowling lanes to throw the ball down. The pros will roll the ball down though and you will definitely get a feel for the lane. You can get 8 different private lanes here and 50,000 square feet of spots to walk around and be entertained by the shows and people. If you want to, you can go to the bar that is on an elevated platform that gives you sort of a bird's eye view of the entire place. This is a great thing if you want to watch your kids bowl or something like that while having a relaxing drink. Be responsible though.

Shop Early at Atlanta Holiday Markets

Shoppers can get an early start on their holiday gift buying at several Atlanta holiday markets.  People who don’t want to wait for Black Friday deals will have shopping opportunities earlier in November.  Buyers can find unique and handcrafted items for those on their gift lists.  Here are the highlights of some upcoming holiday markets in the Atlanta area.

The 2013 Southern Chic Holiday Bazaar is scheduled for November 12 from 4-9pm.  The market features items made by Southern based designers.  More than 25 designer collections will be featured, showcasing jewelry, clothing, accessories, home décor, skin and beauty products, and unique gifts.  The holiday bazaar will be held at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center’s 4th floor gallery, located at 351 Peachtree Street NE in Buckhead.
The 3rd Annual Elegant Elf Marketplace will be held November 16-17 in Sandy Springs.  The two day market will feature 75 vendors offering fine art, home décor, jewelry, accessories, gourmet food items, and much more.  Several prizes will be raffled over the weekend.  Proceeds will benefit education, the arts, heritage preservation, and environmental projects in Sandy Springs.  The marketplace will be held at Lake Forrest Elementary, located at 5020 Sandy Springs Circle.  Admission is $5.  Children ages 10 and

Atlanta’s North Side Holiday Celebrations

Festive celebrations on Atlanta’s north side will make the holidays merry and bright.  Celebrate the wonder and magic of the season at a holiday light display, Christmas tour of homes, a parade and Polar Express Adventure, and a seasonal arts and crafts show.  These holiday favorites are a great way to usher in the joy of the season.

For more than 20 years Life University in Marietta has presented ‘Lights of Life.’  The annual holiday drive through lights attraction is a favorite tradition with many families.  The one mile drive through campus features more than one million twinkling lights in stationary and animated displays, including a 60 foot tall Christmas tree.  On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday other activities are available for an additional fee.  Children can enjoy photos with Santa, train and pony rides, and a petting zoo.  A concession stand is open for refreshments.  ‘Lights of Life’ is an affordable activity for families.  Admission is $5 per car on Sunday-Thursday and $10 on Friday and Saturday.  Life University is located at 1269 Barclay Circle, off Hwy 41 in Marietta.

Spartanburg Welcomes the Holidays

Spartanburg, South Carolina welcomes the holidays with festive seasonal activities.  Holiday happenings include two parades, a Shrine Bowl, Victorian Christmas celebration, popular holiday concert, and a spectacular light display.  Families will enjoy these seasonal events that usher in the holidays in the Upstate.

One of the most popular holiday light displays in the Upstate is the Annual Holiday Lights Safari at Hollywild Animal Park.  Visitors can drive through 100 acres twinkling with more than one million lights.  Exit the car and walk through Santa’s Village to see the life-sized nativity, shop for holiday gifts, greet some animals, and warm by the bonfire with marshmallows and hot chocolate.  The kids will enjoy the pony rides and photos with Santa.  Holiday Lights Safari runs November 23-January 4.  Week night hours are 6-9pm with extended hours on weekends.  Admission is $6 per person.  An optional drive through the Enchanted Deer Forest is an additional $10 per car.  Hollywild Animal Park is located at 2325 Hampton Road in Wellford, South Carolina.

Chicago Tourist Guide

 Chicago is among the biggest city in the United States that is full of culture, entertainment and history. The harbor of this city is open to Lake Michigan and then bisects the city to add it beauty. Although more than a third of the structures in this city were completely damaged during the great fire of 1871, the city has risen from ashes to be among the biggest cities in the world full of architectural wonders. There are many places that you can visit in this city. Among the best tourist attractions are as illustrated below:

Wander around Millennium Park

Among the Chicago's major attraction for both local and international tourist is the Millennium Park. The park is in 24.5 acres of land and located at the city center. It offers lot of green lounging space, structural art, refreshments and striking architecture. The favorite places in this park are the crown fountain. These are two towers that are made of grass bricks across granite square where adults and children like to busk during the summer. Another popular site in the park is the cloud gate, which is a huge stainless steel structure that is highly-polished in order to reflect the surrounding greenery, people and skyline.

The cuisines of Goa

The cuisines of Goa

Goa with its unique mix of culture, history, landscapes, is an interesting place when talking about the cuisine it offers. It is a heaven for foodies and has exclusive menu of eatables be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Goan cooking holds expertise in every arena of cuisines. Because Goa has a diversification of various religions like of Hindus, Muslims and Portuguese, which is why cooking here is very much eccentric from rest of India. Those who love Goa's beaches, eventually fall in love with Goa's food too.
Goa abounds in seafood offering a wide variety of fish, crabs, lobsters, prawns, oysters etc. Goan cooking although is simple, the addition of spicy, tasty and pungent spices makes it even more divine. Goa food is known for the grinding and mixing of spices as well as constant churning and stirring that eventually adds to the explicit taste.

Appreciate Everything That Cape Cod Can Offer

If you're someone who enjoys doing it all while you're on vacation, Cape Cod resorts will be the choice for you. Why limit yourself to the beach or even the tree-lined trails when you're able to have both? Staying at a Cape Cod resort allows you to enjoy live music after spending the day out on the ocean. You can start your day enjoying the morning while sitting out on the terrace reading the best book, or you can choose to hit the bike trails early. Because the area has something for everybody, Cape Cod can be a great place to visit with your relatives or a group of friends. 

Large Family Reunions

When you stay at Cape Cod resorts, you can make family memories that your children look back on and treasure. You'll be able to have aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents at the same location for the perfect family reunion. All the resorts will offer you different size rooms to support your group. You can find smaller, adjoining rooms for the children, and you can book larger suites for couples. The rooms often have an attached terrace, allowing you to sit outside and have coffee with your family members while watching the sunset. Throughout the day, you can entertain your family with any one of the multitude of activities available in the surrounding area. For any family members that enjoy fishing, they'll be able to take a boat out and enjoy the sea as the rest of the family is spending a great day at the beach.

Beaches of Goa

Goa is the land of beaches comprising of both commercial as well as quiet adobes serving everyone who sets foot here. North Goa has busy beaches decked with late night parties whereas South Goan beaches provide enough room for silence and serenity. Goa witnesses heavy crowds from December to February. Also the rich festivity all the year around holds a major attraction for all those who are marvelled by the charm of Goa and its natural beauty.

Anjuna Beach
This beach stretches towards 30 km west of Mapusa. It is famous as a shopping hub when the north of Anjuna springs into life due to Flea Market that holds all accessories ranging from locally printed beach wears to kashmiri handicrafts. Anjuna beach should be visited during November to March when it is decked with peppy beach parties.

Arambol Beach
Arambol extends about 16 kms and consists of two beaches. The beach is known for its water sports and availability of Dolphin watching. There also a range of Luxury Holiday Villas in Goa. With shops adjacent to the beach that sell garments and junk jewellery, the beach is also popular for Tai-chi which is non permanent henna. There are centres for massage, yoga and meditation in the area near to the beach.

Ways To Keep Fit On A Cruise

Now let me start by saying that, when I'm on a cruise, staying fit is the last thing on my mind. But there are those that don't want to miss a workout even while on vacation. You know, the guy that's doing calisthenics on deck while you're getting your second helping of French fries. Exercising in one form or another does give you more ways to fill your time while on board the ship. Sadly, eating at the ship's buffet doesn't count as exercise or we'd all be in incredible shape!

Getting some exercise on a cruise becomes more important as the length of the cruise increases. If you're on a 7-day cruise, missing a few workouts won't make much of a difference in your fitness level, but if you were on a 30-day cruise you would want to get in some exercise to prevent losing your fitness edge.

The cruise lines make it easy to get in your workouts while on board, and there are ways to get some exercise while in port too.

How To Prevent Seasickness

If you've ever been seasick, you know there's no feeling quite like it. You'd give anything to make it stop. Getting seasick can turn a great vacation into a miserable one in a flash.

Symptoms include nausea and sometimes vomiting caused by your body's inability to deal with the motion of the sea. Nowadays, most of the midsized to larger cruise ships have stabilizers which help ease the amount of rocking you feel, but some people are just more prone to getting seasick than others, so what can you do?

One of the best ways to combat seasickness is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Here are a few of the methods for preventing it, and helping to get rid of it if you do get nauseous.

There are patches you can put behind your ear before you get on the ship that can help to prevent getting sick. Currently they are only available with a prescription and they can cause drowsiness.
There are over the counter drugs you can take such as Dramamine and Bonine which are another preventative method, and they too can cause drowsiness. We use Bonine and don't get the drowsiness we've had with Dramamine, although Dramamine has come out with a Less Drowsy formula.

Take a Barge Cruise in France: The Beautiful Canal Du Midi

Meandering through fields of lavender and sunflowers under the golden Mediterranean sun, stopping to stroll through vineyards or explore medieval fortresses - there is a world of pleasures both simple and luxurious that can be experienced from the comfort of a canal boat on a barge cruise in France. Here are some of the highlights that can be expected along the Canal du Midi, one of France's most idyllic waterways.

Introducing the Midi

The South of France is known as le Midi, a region known for its balmy weather, spectacular scenery and distinct culture, home to the Occitan language and Mediterranean-inflected cuisine. The regions encompassed by the Midi include Aquitaine, Provence, Languedoc-Roussillon and others similarly known for their pastoral landscapes and rich history. From the Roman province of Aquitania, it became a thriving centre of medieval art and literature, and still maintains a strong cultural identity. Winding through it all, the Canal du Midi makes the perfect setting for a barge cruise in France, letting visitors take in the unfolding countryside at a relaxed pace, with all the highlights of Southern France in easy reach. The sun-soaked surroundings might tempt travellers to explore by foot or cycle, before returning for a well-deserved rest on the barge.

European River Cruises - Alsace and Lorraine

European river cruises to the eastern edge of France through Alsace and Lorraine show you a completely unique aspect of France and Europe. This lovely region has a long and storied past.
Alsace and Lorraine - beauty with a troubled history

European river cruises through the waterways and canals of this area of France will allow you to see some very beautiful countryside with some amazingly historic towns and cities - but it wasn't always like that.

Historically, this was always a notorious 'grey area' between France and Germany or the German precursor states. In parts of this large region, the language spoken was a German dialect and there was a split between cultural French and Germans by both general geography and rural/urban tradition.
Well established as part of France by the mid-19th century, it was ceded to the new German state after France's catastrophic defeat in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870. 

Discover Historic Puglia

The hotels in Puglia are popular with tourists throughout the year, and the region attracts tourists from all over the world because of its beautiful landscapes, delicious food and picturesque towns. However, it is also an area rich in history and there are a number of places where you can discover this for yourself during your holiday. Here are some of the main historic attractions that you can enjoy.

Castel del Monte

This imposing castle is one of the most impressive buildings you will see in the whole region. You can reach it from Bari with ease, and it is a popular attraction for anyone staying in hotels in Puglia. The building was built in the 13th century, by Frederick II from Swabia. While it is very tall, its real purpose is not really known because it is not fortified – but nevertheless, prepare to be impressed.


You will find the ancient town of Egnazia near Monopoli, and it should be relatively easy to reach no matter where your choice of hotels in Puglia is situated. There is an interesting museum here that contains many artifacts that have been discovered in the region, including mosaics and sculptures. The town was was very important in the 5th century BC, and you can still see some of the ancient walls to this day. The beach is also great and the perfect place for a dip in the heat of the day.

The Cathedral of Otranto

This impressive cathedral dates back to the 11th century, and is a very popular attraction. The mosaic floor, which was built in the 12th century, is especially attractive, and the rose window is spectacular. However, it is the Chapel of the Dead that is the big draw. Here you will see the skulls of 800 martyrs who were beheaded centuries ago.

Trulli in Alberobello

Trulli are small limestone houses unique to the region. While they are located in various parts of the area, Alberobello remains one of the best places to see them. These houses were not built with mortar but using a drywall technique. They have distinctive dome roofs and you will see plenty in easy view in Alberobello.


This attractive town dates back to the Trojan wars. It is a historic town that is home to the Basilica di Santa Croce, a beautiful Baroque church from 1695. It also has a lovely decorated façade and some beautiful artworks displayed inside.

Enjoy the Historic Attractions

Hotels in Puglia attract visitors all year round, with many tourists coming especially to see the fascinating historic attractions that tell the story of this region. While there are countless others, the ones above will give you a good insight.

Helen Forbes is from Essential Italy, a company specialising in Italian holiday villas, apartments and hotels. If you’re looking for the perfect hotels in Puglia we can help. Our handpicked accommodation offers distinctive Italian qualities, great comfort and convenience.