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Top London Tours With a Difference

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 It can be very easy to think that a tour of London is all about taking an open-top bus around the city’s major tourist locations. But there’s more to the capital than the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. In fact, if you’re looking for another side to one of the greatest cities on earth, there’s a whole alternative world waiting to be discovered.

Here are just seven tours with something different to offer, whether you’re a visitor, or a resident looking for something new and interesting to do.

One. The London Street Art Tour is quite literally an ‘off the wall’ experience. This tour will give you a close up look at some of the world’s best street artists, including Banksy, who have left their artistic mark on the brickwork of London’s capital. If you think art doesn’t need a gallery, this one’s for you.

Two. For those who appreciate a night out down at the local then a tour of some of London’s old pubs will introduce you to historic 16th Century alehouses and infamous drinking dens. Bottoms up!

Three. If you fancy an evening out with a little more meat on it, then a Death and Debauchery tour should fit the bill nicely. With a history of murder, crime and disease, London’s past has plenty to offer the visitor looking for a way to spend a scary few hours. Highlights include tales of gruesome hangings, grave robbing and the not to be missed two-headed boy of Bengal! More than a ghost walk, this definitely has the ghoul factor.

Four. If you prefer your horror to come with a laugh, then Andrew Mitchell’s Jack the Ripper Walking Tours offer a mix of comedy and informative guided tour that you will find appealing. 

Five. Harry Potter may have put down his wand for now, but you can still enjoy the magic of the films with a tour of Warner Bros Studios, where you can walk through beautiful sets, look at costumes and props, sip on a cool glass of butterbeer and even fly a broomstick. A real behind the scenes look at the most successful film series of all time, not to be missed.

Six. If Harry and his antics aren’t quite ‘cultural’ enough for you, you can always walk in the footsteps of Charles Dickens as you follow the ‘author’ around the places in London that influenced his writing.  Let the Old Curiosity Shop near Lincoln’s Inn stir your imagination… 

And seven. If you’re feeling energetic, you can always turn to pedal power and hire a bicycle for a saddle height tour of the city, through its streets and hidden passageways, for a personal and unique perspective on this great city.

Taking an alternative tour will add an extra dimension to any London visit, whatever the time of year. But when the days are long and the weather is fine, it makes sense to get the most out of your trip by booking overnight summer accommodation in London. Choose from a wealth of options and make sure you enjoy every minute of your stay. 

How To Get Cheap Flights to Europe

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Many people dream of flying to Europe for their vacation. The diverse cultures, sights, sounds, and history, make traveling to Europe an incredible and a memorable experience. However, the cost of air ticket to Europe can play a significant part in determining if one can afford to visit Europe. Nonetheless, with some knowledge and willingness to find the best places to get a cheap flight, it is easy to find cheap flights to any destination in Europe.

it is quite easy to find cheap flights to Europe when you know what is involved with finding and booking low cost flights. The internet has given all folks an effective way to plan their trip and locate flights that are within their travel budget. Most airlines will normally offer special sales on their airfares, particularly when it is closer to departure date, which are mostly offered by online discount travel sites. You will definately get low-cost flights to Europe if you purchase the cheap airfare deal from an online discount travel journey website. 

In case you're traveling at the time of a special deal offered on an online discount travel website, you can greatly benefit from booking the deal, and in case you are adaptable on flight dates, it will make it much easier to find low cost air ticket to Europe. Also, if you don't have any particular plans as to the place you propose to travel first, being flexible will let you book an affordable flight to any European destination that meets your travel budget.  Most online travel sites are always on the hunt for low fares and reductions and post the information right away. When you are looking out for a cheap flight and you can travel on short notice, just join a travel e-alert will allow you to get new flight listings as soon as they are posted.

These days, one listed airfare shouldn't have to be the one you have to choose. When you know all the methods of getting low cost flights to Europe, there are a lot of simple methods at your disposal to get a cheap flight. For example, booking a flight with no added extras because many of the long distance flights supply loads of frills that will boost the cost of the air ticket. Traveling on a no frills airline or budget airline will permit you to save money on your airline tickets.

Discount online travel sites are not to be avoided when on the hunt for cheap flights to Europe. It is definitely one of the best places to find cheap flights to all of the European destinations. It is easy to do an internet search to locate top discount online travel sites. When a discount travel site seems great for your travel needs, first review the site carefully to see if they offer what you're searching for regarding cheap flights to Europe.

Discovering and booking low price flights to Europe is a very pleasing as well as a breath taking experience. Looking online and comparing flights is essential to finding the best cheap flights to Europe. When you are preparing for a trip to Europe, you don’t have to purchase expensive air ticket. Low price airfare to Europe is just a click away. 

Top 5 Best Travel Accessories for Backpackers

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Going for backpacking around the world is fun, but no matter what you bring or how you bring it. Nobody should bother too much over how to pack or what travel gear to bring on.  Not unless you're planning to scale Mount Everest, chances are that you'll survive. But there are a few items that are specially designed help you stay light and mobile, which means you'll end up spending less time dealing with life's basics and more time making new friends and experiencing new adventures. Here are the five of the best travel accessories for backpack travelers:

A Travel Backpack

By far the best accessory you can bring is also the most basic - a backpack that's designed for travel. Of course, any backpack might do. But if you want to carry your stuff quickly and easily and keep everything inside organized, a travel backpack is exactly what you need. The best thing is that travel backpacks open like a suitcase. Traditional backpacks will open at the top with a drawstring. So that if you need to grab something at the bottom of a traditional backpack, you might have to take everything out first and then pack it again. This can be a complete hassle if you're in the middle of a train station. With travel backpacks, you will still have all the same features, but you can open it from the top or side and have access to all your stuff quickly and easily.

Quick-Dry Travel Underwear

Nothing can ruin a trip faster than a little fungus in your nether regions, if you know what I mean. Stuffing a damp, cotton underwear in your pack is an ingredient for mildew, fungus and odors. With a quick-dry, anti-bacterial underwear, you can just wash it in the sink and hang it to dry and it's ready to pack or wear by the time the next bus comes. And also it's anti-bacterial coating helps fight fungus between washings.

Packing Cubes

I didn't even know what these were when I first started to travel. Now, I don't pack even for a single weekend without them. Packing cubes, or just compression packers, are essentially mesh or nylon squares into which you pack all of your gear before putting the cubes in your backpack. Not only do they keep stuff organized, but they allow you to pack way more stuff in the same space by compressing the materials before putting them in your pack. 

International Plug Adapters

It's a wired world and you have to always stay plugged in. Each continent, essentially, has its own electrical wall outlet configuration, so you have to bring an adapter to fit it if you want to plug in your electronics. There are a couple of ways to do this. If you're going for a worldwide trip, or aren't sure where you'll end up, bring an all-in-one universal adapter that will fit no matter where you go. If you're going to be in only one continent, you can also buy an adapter set that includes individual pieces, so you can bring only what you need.

Travel or Luggage Locks

I hate to break the positive travel spirit by mentioning security, but you're a long way from home and it can be a major hassle and time-eater to replace things that are stolen while traveling. So you want to take a few precautions. The best type of locks for backpackers are travel cable locks that include flexible cables to reach multiple zippers. These locks allow you to secure your pack and exterior pockets while in crowded places prone to pick pocketing, or when you are separated from your pack. Some locks with longer cables also let you secure your pack to a chair or other fixed object. Travel locks are small and lightweight. They aren't going to prevent every theft. But if someone has just a few seconds to pick through a few backpack pockets, these locks will make sure they don't pick through yours.

So, remember, travel should be low stress and great times. No need to get stressed down in too many how-to guides. You'll have a blast no matter which travel accessories you bring.  But with a few key accessories you'll stay light, mobile and have more time to spend exploring the world. 

Beijing Travel - Where to go and do

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Beijing is an extremely busy city and people travel to this city for a variety of reasons whether for business or for pleasure. If you are traveling for a vacation, it is always better to visit when the weather is something to your preference so that you can enjoy the sites and certain activities to the fullest. Continue to read this article to learn more about Beijing's weather and the best time to visit. You will also find that there are tips on what you should wear and what kind of activities you can expect to do or find.

There are four seasons; and they are very distinct from each other. You can tour Beijing anytime of the year but would be better if you also took note of the following:

In Spring, which is from April to May, is warm. It is best to pack lightweight clothing but the temperature in the day could be very different from that at night. So also pack some warm clothes to wear in the evening if needed.

June to the middle of September is considered Summer. It is known to be the hottest time but also has a lot of rainfall. Rainfall can come at anytime and therefore it is best to pack umbrellas.

Autumn starts from the middle of September to October's end. This is the most favorite time to travel by a lot of visitors. The temperature is mild yet there is still a lot of sunshine. Visitors enjoy looking at the change of the different trees. This is also a popular time to visit Beijing because of the break from school. If you plan to visit during Autumn, it is best to pack warm clocking like long-sleeves.

Winter from November to March can be very cold. Warm clothing is a necessity. However, visitors can enjoy the winter sport games and cultural activities within those months. Plus, if you plan to stay during Winter, you might be able to find more inexpensive rooms and better deals. It is during these months that you can do more business negotiations like with your hotel or other vacation spots. There are also a lot of special bargains before the Chinese New Year which could be enticing especially if you are interested in shopping for clothes and electronics.

When is the best time to visit?

Many opt to visit Beijing during Autumn because of its inviting weather, but as mentioned earlier, any time of the year is available. One can take a deeper look into visiting during the Winter especially if interested in some good deals. As a tip, always consider the reason for your visit and do a little bit of research on it as you make plans and schedules of your arrival in China's capital, Beijing.

Historic Landmarks in London

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 by H.D. Bien

 Over two millenniums have passed since the founding of London. It's an old city and we can learn a lot from it. In this article, I'll cover the older landmarks in London for tourists to see. All of these attractions have long histories. It's an amazing experience for visitors to see these sites in person. I highly recommend going to each landmark to soak in its history.

Westminster Abbey

Built in the 970s, Westminster Abbey is a Gothic church that houses coronations and royal weddings. The architecture itself is reason enough to warrant a visit. Many tourists come to the Abbey just to view its external facade. Walk inside to learn more about its history.