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Exciting Adventures in Queens New York

Queens New York
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by H.D. Bien

Tons of people have visited many spots of this borough over the years and always leave satisfied. Make sure you check out the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, New York Surf School, and the Resorts World Casino. You will keep yourself busy for days at these attractions.

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

This quaint little place is on the top of the most liked attractions that are in Queens. You can bring your entire family along to this spot to check out what nature has to offer you and your family. It changes with seasons though, so be sure to check it out in your favorite season. You can catch a glimpse of all kinds of birds here as well. Nothing is more relaxing than walking along nature's paths. The air is so crisp and clean that it's a fantastic way to get away from all the pollution being caused by the cars in New York. You can check out the Green themed visitor center that they recently built. You will find some great rangers here that are willing to help you along the way.

New York Surf School

Nothing is better than catching waves on a nice windy and sunny day. Surfing can be quite hard if you are a beginner and that is not a problem for the instructors at this surf school. They can get you up on the board within the hour and have you surfing like a pro. You won't feel left out either because there are plenty of people who can help you get started surfing. They allow you to have the full experience of surfing without all the headaches that come with other surf schools. Other schools have you rotate and wait forever until it's your turn again. This is something you won't experience at this school. It is great for inpatient people who want to start surfing like someone who has been doing it for years. They will teach you everything you need to know. It is just short of having yourself glued to the board when you are out riding the waves.

Resorts World Casino

There are mixed feelings about this casino. In general though, if you are responsible enough with your money and enjoy a good time, you can't beat it. You will find the entertainment and food here very nice. You can go from slot machine to slot machine very easily and they are great for beginners to try them out. Make sure you check out Gentings Palace Restaurant for some great Hong Kong type food. They have excellent staff in the restaurants and floor here at this casino. It is the best one in New York. If you like horse racing, make sure you check out the hug race track. If you know where JFK International Airport is, you are on the right track to finding this casino.

In conclusion, all of these spots will keep you occupied for a long time. They truly are spots that you will not want to miss while visiting this part of New York. Make sure you bring home some souvenirs with you as well.

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Looking for more adventures in Queens? See my guide at What To Do In Queens. I've also written a shorter guide for Fun Places To Go In Queens.