Once in a lifetime

Enjoying Amsterdam's Artistic Expression

The landscape of Amsterdam tends to change throughout the year, just as the seasons alter the environment and feel of it. But just like the charming coffee shops and the occasional sleek city hotels and other high class restaurants, Amsterdam has an ever-present and permanent art scene well worth enjoying. Some small galleries and large museums all have a unique feel, which can suit every kind of traveller looking to be enlightened and inspired.

Paradise for Rembrandt fans
A great place to begin an art adventure is the Rembrandt Museum. Located within easy distance of any hotel within the city, Amsterdam is the former home of this famous artist. His old house has now has been turned into a gallery featuring many of his greatest works. The guests can move from one room to another, noting the more humble downstairs kitchen areas and working their way up to the grander, high ceilinged spaces and see where he slept and enjoy the beautiful paintings all in the same place. Tours are also freely available for those who want to know all the historical details of this home in the heart of the city.

Marvel at independent galleries

Everyone wants to see the famous Van Gogh's when they head to Amsterdam, but there are many other tiny galleries that feature contemporary artists who rival some of the great artists of the past. Those that are into unique and interpretive installations can head to Galerie Fons Welters, a fixture put on the city scene since the 1980s. The gallery highlights raw, new and local talent with interesting lighting and creative use of floor space. Exhibits often change, so you may like to visit to coincide with the opening of a new show and have the chance to meet the artist. It's free to enter and open Tuesday through to Saturday. If you're staying in any of the city hotels, Amsterdam is easy to get around, and this top gallery is a highlight that shouldn't be missed.

A more interactive gallery is the Mediamatic, featuring artists that focus on how work is portrayed through art and even digital design. Not only are guests welcome to peruse the centre, they can also sign up to attend various workshop and lectures throughout the year. There are also some film screenings, which sometimes prove provocative and unforgettable.

Ponder the life of Van Gogh

A visit to this city would not be complete without two things: staying in a sleek city hotel (Amsterdam style) and an outing to the Van Gogh Museum. This is Arguably one of the most famous museums in the Netherlands, probably Europe, you could wander around this gallery all day and still find new things to experience around every corner. There are roughly more than 200 permanent pieces from Van Gogh on display, which cover all his time of work, from still lifes and landscapes to portraits and rough drawings. Van Gogh is not the only artist on display, however, and you can see a variety of 19th century art by Dalou, Bernard and Monet, just to name a few.


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