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How to save money on booking hotels and flights

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by Yair Bar Zohar:

Why pay more when you can pay less?

I know three kinds of travelers: the spontaneous, the planners, and those who want to travel either way and save money.
If you're also belong to the third type, I have new information that will allow you to save, on average, about 65% of your anticipated costs.

How / why / how / where?

The answers are here, but not necessarily in that order

The first step in planning a trip is booking a flight back and forth, and only later order travel services like: accommodation, vehicles, etc. that will be explained further with a new, current and appealing information.

All roads to get flight discounts

You are guaranteed to save up to several hundred dollars per ticket the sooner you book a flight, so:
- Choose the destination you want to fly
- Set the date range for flights back and forth

The next step is to understand how the world airline reservations works

1. In many countries as from Thursday afternoon until Sunday evening, there is congestion
in all types of flights. In these days the demand for a flight is great so they are full and expensive.
2. From Monday morning until Thursday afternoon, the flights are not full. Naturally, the airlines have a commercial interest in the passengers and some significantly lower their prices.
Discounts phenomenon varies from time to time, but it turns out consistently at all airlines.

Smart, what does he do? Utilizes this knowledge to his advantage. Whoever studies the matter knows that there's an American site with artificial intelligence that can find relevant information on flights discount, however, booking through this web site requires a fee. I recommend experimenting independently by searching for prices of flights by days. That would be a serious bargaining card in your hand in front of each representative or agent.

A Few words about truth in advertising. If you see that there are only 7-9 flight tickets left, it's not necessarily true. This is a competitive market between giant companies and you (the passengers) will never know the real truth.

How to get discounted travel services

Until today, you obtained information through known sites of tourism service providers. It worked like this: You sent a message, received an answer, checked and compares prices, and always you were sure you've been successful in getting a cheaper deal. And it's true Indeed. Until recently, it really was.
The transformation I suggest you focuses on two unique sites of tourism services providers that operate using the reverse auction.

These are the names of sites that star and excel in providing travel services: Hotwire and Priceline.
I will focus on Hotwire because Priceline doesn't service surfers outside America. Hotwire Company has strong financial back and around the clock customer service. The site works in collaboration with the world's leading tourism companies, and is very suitable for the Israeli traveler.
Hotwire let's you get the cheapest bid at given time and choose the deal that looks good for you right now. The proposal is given according to the chosen destination, service area, the dates requested, and of course, the level of service that you chose in the site.

- You chose the deal and accepted it? Excellent. Immediately you'll receive an email confirmation with all the details about the hotel that fits your order, including the address.

Hotwire and Priceline have two limitations:
1. Hotel name and address will not appear before the transaction, only after the approval.
In the meanwhile, until the announcement on March 2012 about an Israeli site that cracsk the hotels method in Hotwire and the low transactions in Priceline, I suggest you visit the site, such as Trip Advisor and put your data. There is a big chance you'll get the name of the hotel and the name of the service provider before booking. Good luck!

2. After making the reservation, cancelling cannot be done. If you are sure in the destination and you have cancellation insurance, the money will be returned to you less the participation fee.

So far was the attention about saving you money, and from now on the recommendations

- It is strongly recommended to register the site 45-90 days prior to the order.
Initial proposals that you receive will likely be expensive. Please do not confirm these suggestions (even if they look tempting) and don't be impressed/disappointed by the high prices. After a few days you will get improved and better offers much more.
- Do not underestimate the site policies. You should read the rules and terms of operation, so you won't be surprised with all kinds of "small" additions and fees to the order (sometimes it happens).

- You should enter the special forum: http://www.betterbidding.com. Established by fellow surfers. In the forum you will find helpful information, guidelines and tips information for your use for both sites Hotwire and Priceline.
- Please note that the site with the best search engine in the internet for accommodation services is called Hotel Combine, which provides information on lowest prices according to location and quality. It scans the Internet and gives free, on a silver plate, the cheapest prices. Me and other expert writers in tourism in the field (CNN, BBC, ABC) agree that this site doesn't have any competition in hotels search by location, address and ranking.
This is the only site on the web that have a database of 200,000 Hotels, Hostels, rooms, apartments, Zimmer's all over the world and translated into 19 languages.
So before you decide to order with a representative/agent please check the price comparisons on hotels in this site and you might be surprised for the better.
Hotels price comparisons website, Hotel Combine, that I recommend, scans dozens of sites you're probably familiar with, like Expedia, Hotels, Hotel, Priceline, Booking, Bookings, last-minute deals and many of the world's largest sites and finds for you the lowest price at given time. No one else can find the hotels in all the sites that offer lodging. This is the only site that's capable and he has a registered patent.
Personally and based on my personal experience, I've tried to compare him to other comparison sites and the results was that it's the best.

Individual Comments

I have many years of experience in the use of flights and receiving various types of tourism services. The way I brought you saved me about 700 dollars for a plane ticket for a distant targets and up to 200 dollars for short destinations. Moreover, sometimes the conditions of the flight and the schedules were even better than the competitions.
The saving for hotels over flights is significant. The saving is reflected in $ 35 to $ 60. Now multiply it with the number of accommodation days. I saved in one month's trip 1300 dollars on average, and in a trip for 10 days I've saved $ 400 on average

Don't be scared about responsibility (Who will you contact in case of a problem)

The service in the sites that I've recommended is excellent, so they are very successful (millions of orders per day). A small example: I personally ordered a 4 star hotel in the city of Paris for 6 nights from one of the sites I've recommended which doesn't give a refund after the order. After a month I've been announced that its rating is actually 3.5 after they examined it. The amazing thing was that they asked me whether to return me the money or receive a refund of $ 35 (its original price in the city's center was $ 65 including breakfast). Tell me in all seriousness and truth, did you ever receive such a service at others? From an experience of 35 years, few will do so.

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