Once in a lifetime

A trip to Lamu Island

Lamu Island is just but a small town in Kenya located on Lamu Island. It is one of Kenya’s oldest surviving towns which happen also to be the original home for the Swahili people.

Lamu Island has a combination of people from different Ethnicity. For example accounts of Chinese ships of Zheng He fleet sinking around Lamu Island in Kenya back in the 14 century have recently been confirmed by archeologists. The survivors settled in Lamu Island and married local women. DNA tests have proven that some inhabitants of Lamu actually have Chinese origins.
A trip to Lamu Island will give you a glimpse of the port of Lamu which has been in existence for not less than a thousand years.
Major Attractions
Popular tourist sites in Lamu Island include Swahili architecture and since this ancient city is officially listed as having the best preserved Swahili settlement in the whole of East Africa.
The streets here are narrow thus automobiles are not allowed. Tourists can explore the town by foot, bicycle or even a local favorite – the donkey.
Tourists visiting Lamu Island are requested not to wear very short cloths or bikinis since majority of Lamu Islanders are Muslims.
Lamu Museum is another must visit facility. It is home to the island’s Ceremonial horn. Other must visit sites are:-
Lamu Fort
This historic fort was built by Fumu Madi ibn Abi Bakr who was the Sultan of Pate to protect members of his unpopular government. The Sultan died in 1809 before he completed the fort, it came to be completed in the early 1820. Today is has become a popular tourist destination. It is definitely a site to behold.
Riyadha Mosque
This is the home of Maulidi or cultural festivals. Maulidi or cultural festivals. Maulidi festivals celebrate the birth of Prophet Mohammed. The festival takes place every other November. It is during this time you get to interact with Muslims from the wider East Africa region as they sing praises of Prophet Mohamed. Lots of other fun activities including donkey and dhow racing, Swahili dances, locals exhibiting crafts such as canoe building and wood carvings
Donkey Sanctuary
Lamu Island has no motor transport, lots of transportation is done with the help of donkeys. Approximately 2000 – 3000 working donkeys are found in this historic island. This facility provides treatment for all the working donkeys free of charge.
Lamu Island is has a blend of different ethnicity due to the fact that it a was a center for slave trade. Since the town was frequented by the Arabs most of the population here is mainly Muslim.
Backpackers looking for an extraordinary authentic experience, Lamu Island is the place to be.
At the end of the entire world….Lies the great Lamu Island!!