Once in a lifetime

A Trip to Livingstone

Livingstone is a small town, located in the south-western Zambia, it is the most developed city in Zambia after Lusaka and the capital of Southern Province.

With little over 200,000 people permanently residing in and outskirts of the town, you wouldn’t expect to see so many activities going around as compared to other big towns known to you. but the easily noticeable thing would be the number of foreigners passing to and from the great Victoria falls.

Victoria Falls lie about 13 kilometers south of town. It is the biggest tourist attraction in the country, receiving over 300,000 visitors a year
 both the Zambia and Zimbabwe sides.

While most of the trips to Victoria falls are focused on sightseeing, there are other plenty of activities that can be enjoyed in the region, for instance airflips over the falls, Canoing,Bunji jumping off Victoria falls bridge, lion walking encounter, jet boat extreme, kayaking and lots of other fun stuff that will make it one of the most memorably trip in your life.

Apart from visiting the falls, there are a few other great historical sites to see in town, The Livingstone railway museum which has a great collection of archaeology and paleontology is a place worth visiting.

The museum is full of history and artifacts of Doctor Livingstone, which includes hundreds of original letters written by the hand of the missionary.

When it comes to accommodation, there are a few to choose from, those with and without the river frontage, and those downstream the falls. The prices range from $30-$150 per night depending on the type and location of the facility.

Livingstone is accessible from various parts of the country. Mainly through air and road. coming from Lusaka would take about 6 hours by bus and only 40 minutes by plane.