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Have you discovered the beauty of Caravan Parks Cornwall yet?

by Peter Judge:

Have you ever been to a Caravan Park in Cornwall? If not, what are you waiting for? There are so many reasons why a caravan holiday in Cornwell is the ideal family vacation. Sure, it's not as glamourous as jet-setting off to some exotic locale overseas, but when you choose to spend your holidays in lovely Cornwall in a caravan park, you will reap many benefits you never expected. You'll make memories with your family you'll never forget.

Top reasons to book a caravan park Cornwall vacation


When it comes to caravan holidays Cornwall offers many affordable choices. When compared to other forms of holidays, both foreign and domestic, caravan holidays come as most affordable, second only to camping. The reason that caravan holidays are so affordable is that the price of accommodation --- typically the most expensive part of a domestic holiday - is drastically reduced. That leaves more money in the budget for other things, such as activities, shopping and more. Typically, the cost of accommodation for a caravan holiday is charged per person. In a caravan park Cornwall residents are charged on per vehicle, regardless of how many people are in it. If you have a large family this can be a very economical option for holidays.

In addition to affordability in terms of travel costs, caravan holidays are more economical in terms of food costs, too. When you stay in a caravan park, you can bring your own food with you, which is a much cheaper option than dining in restaurants. When you save money by bringing your own food, you can spend that money elsewhere on your holiday. Even more importantly, when you prepare the food ahead of time and bring it with you, you are more aware of what is actually in your food, which is a healthier option. Finally, bringing your own food is also a great way to ensure that everyone gets what they want. No arguing about where to eat!


Spending your holiday in caravan parks in Cornwall also affords you greater flexibility. You can travel on your schedule instead of being tied down to airline or train schedules. You can plan your own travel route, too, which means that you can stop along the way as you wish, to visit attractions you may not otherwise get to see en route.


Taking a caravan holiday opens up a variety of options in terms of the activities you can do on your holiday. As we already mentioned, because you save on food and travel and accomodation expenses, you'll have more money in your pocket for extra activities that you might want to do. Buy more soveniers, do more activities, and since you saved all that money by bringing your own food, you can afford to take the kids out for a special restaurant meal at the end of the holiday!

When it comes to Caravan Parks Cornwall offers a host of options for holiday-goers. The next time you start thinking about a family holiday, why not consider going by caravan?

Discovery the beauty of a holiday in aCaravan Parks Cornwall/today


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