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Big Cottages? Not always a contradiction in terms


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 A big holiday cottage almost sounds like a  contradiction in terms. Cottages have a reputation for   looking beautiful and quaint on the outside, but being  pokey and cramped on the inside.

 However, it is not always necessary to sacrifice  space for the sake of aesthetic beauty when you are  looking for a holiday cottage. There are certainly  some larger options available which still possess the  same charm and visual splendour as their more compact counterparts.

This article details a few key tips on ensuring that you are able to ascertain the proper size of an advertised cottage.

Appearances can be deceiving

When planning your break away, it is important to remember that appearances can be very deceiving in the case of the humble cottage. Although they always look idyllic and tranquil, cottages tend to give the impression of being extremely small when photographed to advertise for holiday lettings.

However, outside appearances are not always correct. What may look like a tiny, quaint building may in fact be a lot bigger than one might think – cottages have a reputation of being an almost Tardis like structure; a lot bigger on the inside than they look from the outside.

This is why it is important to request floor plans or room size information when looking for a big holiday cottage. This is a far more accurate means to ascertain the true size a property when first impressions can be so misleading and unreliable.

More bedrooms do not always mean a bigger cottage

The second key issue to keep in mind is that the number of bedrooms is not always a reliable indicator of the size of a cottage. For instance, in most thatched cottages the roof space is converted into a number of bedrooms – this can often range from one bedroom through to three or even four. Clearly, one large bedroom may be preferably to four far smaller ones depending on the needs of your booking party.

Think about design as well as size

When searching for a big cottage, it is also important to consider how the property is laid out. This is particularly important in relation to the ground floor where the communal facilities are likely to be contained – often a dining room or second reception room may have been sacrificed in order to provide an additional bedroom.Clearly this is something you need to consider when booking for a large number of people; in some cases two sharing a room might be preferable to a lack of entertaining space in the evening.

If you need a big holiday cottage, make sure that you are not deceived by misleading first impressions. Attaining a copy of the floor plan is the best way to ensure that what you eventually end up booking meets your requirements and allows for all the quaint experience of a cottage holiday with all the room you and your fellow guests need.

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Kate Smith has a good understanding of the tourism industry as a whole and prefers writing on relating areas. Big holiday cottages in Sussex were the topic of many of his articles.


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