Once in a lifetime

All About Nusa Dua

 by Ray Horsfall 

 Beautiful Nusa Dua is the place to come if you’re looking for serenity, sunshine and luxury. Made up mostly of 5 star resorts, Nusa Dua makes the most of the incredible natural coastline of Bali, and Nusa Dua hotels are not only exclusive but negate much of the hassle of traveling to a place like Bali. There’s not as much in the way of bartering with local traders and being swept up in the cultural hustle and bustle, but if beaches and relaxation are your game, then you can’t go past Nusa Dua.

Pantai Geger

The public beach in Nasu Dua is beautiful and because it is not ‘owned’ by any of the resorts it retains a unique Bali flavour. The sand is blindingly white and the East-facing location ensures a beautiful cool breeze, along with some of the warmest water temperatures in Bali due to the reef far out. It is also a prized surf-spot due to said reef, and if you’re into surfing there is little more enjoyable than returning from a heavy day on the water to a cocktail and soothing massage!

Serangan Island

The name means ‘Turtle Island’, and is a conservation area for sea turtles. It’s possible to get boats from Nusa Dua out to the island and usually these have glass bottoms so that you can view the marine life. The island also plays a big role in religious history and tradition, and despite its diminutive size there are actually four temples on the land, one of which, Pura Sakenan, is one of the holiest sites for Balinese Hindus.

Be Pampered

As I said, Nusa Dua is all about luxury, and this makes it the perfect place to take advantage of traditional Balinese massage and Indonesian spa treatments. Nusa Dua also boasts incredible restaurants at its many resorts and a cocktail from one of its beachfront bars will be hard to beach. If you’re in Nusa Dua, it’s time to put on your pampering pants and forget for a while about the elevated price tag it carries with it!

Water Sports

Nusa Dua is the perfect place to indulge your love of water sports, with the resorts offering everything from sailing, jet-skis and kayaking to para sailing and jet-boats. It’s a water-lover’s paradise and the crystal-clear waters make any activity on the open seas a delight.

As far as Bali accommodation goes Nusa Dua is up at the steep end, but if you’re looking for luxury, you really cannot go past it. With more package deals available than you can poke a stick at, Nusa Dua offers the perfect indulgent getaway–once you return you’ll be refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on real life again…although you may not want to! 

Ray Horsfall is a writer for Bali Dream Tours which specializes in Bali Accommodation