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Some Tips to Travel on a Budget

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Traveling on a budget requires doing a fair amount of research a few weeks before you actually set off. Look for the many budget-friendly options that you can avail of to travel either for business or for pleasure.

First of all get on the Internet to check out the best fares A few hours of surfing will help you find great deals, be it by air or rail. Air travel is the fastest but most expensive way to reach your destination. Make use of websites such as travel supermarket and skyscanner.

There are some no-frills airlines that have significantly lower rates than other regular airlines. You may need to book a great deal in advance or even be able to travel at short notice, but that's a small price to pay when you get your ticket at a fraction of its actual cost. If you book your vacation in the off-season, airfares drop. The time of day you choose to fly also impacts fares. For instance the red-eye and mid-day flights in Florida offer significantly lower fares as well. For tickets use websites like Travelocity and expedia.

There is no better way to explore the country of your choice than by train. Traversing the length and breadth of the US is Amtrak. In Europe use Eurail or Interail rail passes. The trains run on time and are extremely comfortable. With their large plate glass windows you get superb views of the towns, countryside and vast open spaces. The best part sleeper trains are that you can travel by night and save on accommodation costs. Going short distances or from one end of the country to the other, are buses that you can hop on to if you're traveling light. In America the famous Greyhound buses are convenient and comfortable, while in Europe the equivalent is Eurolines.

Next comes the accommodation. Again research is important. You need to have a place arranged actually for just the first day. You need to rest after all those hours of travel and a place to keep your bags safe. After some sleep you can check out the hotels, pensions or hostels till you find something suitable. Check sites like Laterooms and Lastminute for help with accommodation. Traveling was considered a luxury and out of reach for most people. But you don't need to break the bank to travel now if you find ways to avoid spending too much on pricey hotels look around till you get a clean room to sleep in.

Once you have settled in explore the city by walking around and visiting attractions that are free. Use cheap public transport. You can learn a lot about a place without spending a lot of money. The tourist information center will be happy to provide you with information, brochures and maps and guide you on the best way to see the city.

Eat sandwiches that you prepare yourself as it is the cheapest and often the healthiest way to have a meal. All you need is a visit to a grocery store for peanut butter, cheese, and some fruit and you have the basics for a couple of meals least.

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