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10 Must Visit Places in Nairobi

Welcome to East Africa's dream city,also known as the heart of east Africa. Apart from the luxurious hotels and other great modern facilities there are a lot of great places that you will find interesting, the Parks and Museums are just but part of these.
Arrange with your travel agent or a friend to get to these exciting places.

1. Maasai market

Located within Nairobi's city center, maasai market is the place to find all sots of African products like curios, African garments,paintings, jewelery, shoes and many others. if you fall in love with Africa, this is the place to visit and buy a special gift to carry home for yourself or that special someone in your life.You will need to carry cash since its an open air market and no electronic machines are available but you wont need to worry, its probably the safest open air market in Kenya if not the second.

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2. Karen Blixen museum

Have you watched the famous movie Out of Africa? then you are closer than ever to the true story, this used to be the home of the author of this great work. Karen, a Denmark national, who lived most of his life in Kenya at the foot of Ngong hills. Most of the original furniture, books and journals are still in the museum.

3. Nairobi national park

Located about 7 kilometers from the city center, the park offers a great variety of animals, the most common being the Lion,black rhino, cheetah, buffaloes, hyena,wilder beast and many others including hundreds of bird species. The park is unique as it is the only one in the world to be located close to the city center. the city's skyscrapers can be clearly seen from the park, presenting a beautiful scene of urban mixed with nature.

4. Kenyatta international conference center

Named after the former head of state and freedom fighter Jommo Kenyatta, the building is used for major international and local conferences. the main conference hall has a capacity of over 4,000
delegates. it is located in the city center opposite the parliament and between 2-5 minutes drive from major 5 star hotels. the design is very unique and visible from most parts of the city. There is also a revolving restaurant at the top where you can enjoy your meal as watch the city's skyscrapers.

5. Ngong hills
Found in the great rift valley with Maasai huts visible from a distance, you only need to bring your camera,hiking shoes and a bottle of water for your way to the top.A view of the whole city can easily be captured on top of this ridge located 30 mins away from the city center.

6. Snake Park

Adjacent to the national museum in Nairobi is this beautiful park, home to hundreds of snakes of different species, size and color. within its compound,there is also a pond that is home to African crocodiles and fish.You can also get a close look at some of the largest tortoises ever that just roam around the park and make friends to the visitors.

7. National Archives

It is located in the city center, just opposite the Hilton hotel, it holds historical documents, photos, tribal photographs,musical instruments and many other exhibits that give you complete facts about the history of the people of Kenya.

8. Girraf center

Located about 6 kilometers from the Nairobi city center, this is probably the only place to get up close and personal with the giraffes. you need to get to the park and experience just how much fun it is to feed and pet them.

9. David Sheldick Foundation

Experience the wildlife-human friendship in this home where
orphaned and wounded animals are taken care of before being released into the wild. it is run by a charitable organization started by a famous naturalist David sheldick.

10.African Heritage House

Located at carnivore just a few minutes drives from the city center is this great shopping complex rich in African traditional goods, from textiles to jewelery, purely made by hands from all over Africa.