Once in a lifetime


Garissa is a town in north eastern side of the country, it is the capital of the Garissa district and has a population of about 150,000. it is manly a semi desert area with major economic activity being pastoralism, however there is a lot to see around.

Majority of the inhabitants here are the Ethnic Somalis with different clans and sub-clans, who sometimes fight over grazing lands.

Garissa is sorounded by great national Parks, one of them being Kora National reserve where you can get a clear view of the hippos, elephants, cheetahs and many others.
Other Parks include the Arawale national reserve,Rahole National Reserve and south Kitui National reserver.
Some of the towns bordering Garissa include Irange to the north, Abarat and Korokora to the South.


Garissa Guest house