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A few places to visit whilst Holidaying in Malindi

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If there is one place you have to visit at least once in your lifetime is definitely Malindi. It is located in the coastal region of Kenya about 130 kilometers north of Mombasa
Apart from the usual exciting beach activities and world class entertainment offered in the hotels to keep you going, there are other great things to do and places to visit that will spice up your holiday.

Points of interest

Malindi is home to some of the most beautiful coastal lines in the continent, ranging from the white sands sea sides to coral reefs that have great variety of shells washed to the sea show.
There are a lot of sights located throughout Malindi which are suited for everybody. They vary from family adventure parks, animal conservations, historical sites, tribal villages etc. here are a few for your selection.

Watamu Beach

Watamu beach is a stretch of coastline about 7 kilometers long that is safe for swimming, sunbathing and walking. Watamu is probably the most beautiful short coastal stretches along the Indian Ocean, its white sandy and tranquil atmosphere offers complete peace of mind for its visitors. You can choose to relax and take a nap, play soccer with your buddies or take a boat ride and explore some of the Indian Ocean’s clear waters.

Arabuko Sokoke

It is the largest coastal forest in east Africa, covering about 420 square kilometers. With lots different variety of animals to see, the forest is most famous for birds, with over 270 different bird species permanently residing in the forest.


-Endemic Bird species, Butterflies, Remnant coastal forest.
-It is the largest existing fragment of the tropical forests along the East African          coast and it shelters endemic/endangered birds, insects, butterflies and mammal species.
-It is also an important monument as remnants of the coastal tropical forests.
-A couple of reptile species (in addition to other species living here e.g. butterflies, Beetles) are found here among them Boomslang, Green Mamba, Rock Python, Forest Cobra, Sand Lizard and Day Geullo.
-It is a great reserve for birdwatching and among the bird species includes Sokoke Pipit, Amani Sunbird,Fischers Turaco, Clarkes weaver, Golden Woodpecker and many others
-Seasonal pools, Tree plat form,  Nyari view point and Nature trails.
Three distinct forest habitat

Mida creek

Milda creek is definitely east Africa’s largest Creek and mangrove forest; it covers over 32 square kilometers and forms part of the Arabuko and Sokoke’s wildlife population.

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