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by. Gareth Hoyle

Planning surf travel can be difficult – you’ve got to decide where you want to go, how much you want to spend and how long you’re going to spend doing it – so why not combine three great things? Travel, charity work and learning to surf from experienced experts.

We work with you to create your best surf travel plans

Surfing is an amazing sport and gives quite a rush when you get it right – one of the major things that most people don’t realize is that surfing is both good exercise and a good set of skills that transfers to daily life. You learn balance, and patience and being able to judge everything from distance to the speed you’re going at. You also learn to swim even better than you’ve ever swam in your life. All in all, it’s well worth finding a tour group that can teach you to surf while you tour and do some charity work.

Good for your CV

While it’s unlikely that surfing will get much of a mention, you can use the charity work or other projects you undertake with us on your CV. Where else can you learn a new hobby and do some good in a community that needs it. Our surfing travel plans allow you to do exactly that, and gives you the opportunity to look at the world through different eyes. Whether you’re looking to broaden your experience or learn surfing on your gap year, we’ve got a surf travel plan to suit you – and it doesn’t have to end there.

Travelling and surfing

Tried and tested experience has shown us that if you really want to learn to surf you’ve got to do it in a spectacular location – we know of some of the best spots in South Africa and Mozambique, giving you the opportunity to explore a region you may never have seen and learn to ride the waves at the same time. While others might dream of doing something like this, we can offer you the holiday of a lifetime.

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