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Activities in Puerto Princesa

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Even though it is in an isolated part in the island of Palawan, Puerto Pricesa is still one of the greatest places in the Philippines. It is well known destination by foreigners as well as the indigenous people of the Philippines.

Puerto Princesa is the capital of Palawan. It was known before as the city of forest because despite the city’s expansion with new building popping up and other modern structures, the government was still able to preserve its natural beauty.

The city has various natural wonders which have made it striking among locals and foreign tourists. Almost all of the activities that are famous here are eco friendly activities, they include jungle trekking on the famous monkey trail, scuba diving, hiking, snorkeling, cruising, among others.

 If you are a first visitor, it is recommended to first tour the Subterranean River National Park as will it give you a good impression of the entire place due to its incredible uniqueness and natural beauty. Not forgetting the underground river which was named by UNESCO as one of the Heritage sites.

Be sure to visit the Honda Bay Islands for some other breathtaking activities, you can decide to simply do some island hoping and see Nature without having to take a long day trip. Enjoy swimming and diving in clear waters and have a picnic on the deserted sandbar all on your own.

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