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3 Top Credit Cards For Travel

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3 Top Credit Cards For Travel
When traveling, the major problem arises with money, especially when traveling abroad. Carrying cash in bulk is not an option and using credit cards is the only option laden with high percentage of interest. This has become a big head-ache for frequent travelers. Although the cheapest way to spend money abroad is to draw cash from ATM through Credit cards rather than debit cards but with high exchange rate you will not enjoy all the benefits, hence choosing the right credit card for travel is essential. Mentioned below are the top three credit cards:

1.    Chase Sapphire Preferred: This card charges $3,000 during the first three months but gets you 40,000 bonus points that can be exchanged for travel booked through Chase Ultimate Rewards programme or on a statement credit card. This is recommended for all travelers irrespective of the purpose, stay etc. You can gain great rewards and redeem those points and use them to get good discounts on flight charges or accommodation. This saves money not only on foreign exchange but also on other utilities. If you are a frequent traveler then this credit card is a “must have”.

2.    British Airways Credit Card: All the jet-setters can prefer this card. British Airways has collaborated with various American Airlines and made its 50,000 to 100,000-mile initial bonus attracting anyone who wants to save money on air tickets. So you can utilise this facility and save huge amounts on airfares. The initial 50,000 Avios miles that you receive can be exchanged for trans-Atlantic flight of one-round trip or cross-country domestic flights. However, the card holder has to pay an annual fee of $95 but don’t have to worry about the foreign transaction fee. This is the best alternatives for the travellers who are on the go.  

3.    Hilton HHonors Surpass Credit Card: This card delivers a combination of 60,000 points as initial bonus and with Hilton’s properties across the globe has made this card a great choice for those who look out for accommodations. This is recommended for people with “suite” tooth, as this caters the needs and gives good discounts for the card holders. You get 40,000 points at the time of purchase and the remaining 2,000 are added when you spend $3,000. Depending upon the hotel, you can get two-eight nights of free stay. It charges $75 for annual membership and 2.7% on foreign exchange.

There are other cards such as PenFed Platinum Rewards card, Capital One Venture card, Blue Cash Preferred card from American Express and so on. Depending upon your necessities and requirements you can opt for the best card. Ensure that your card gives you the best deals for good prices. This way you can enjoy the maximum benefits on your card. Never use your debit cards for shopping or any other purpose as this only adds weightage to the interest rate. Prefer credit cards that are designed for travel purpose only as you can enjoy good rewards and you have the option to redeem these rewards.

If you have taken payment protection insurance along with your credit card don’t forget to claim when you are eligible for it. To claim the amount faster and without any hassle take help from any PPI claims Management Company.

Although there are numerous credits card available on the market, choose wisely and act smart. This helps you to cut down huge amounts on your travel expenses. So pack your bags and get ready to experience a stress-free journey armed with your travel credit cards.

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