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Historic Landmarks in London

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 by H.D. Bien

 Over two millenniums have passed since the founding of London. It's an old city and we can learn a lot from it. In this article, I'll cover the older landmarks in London for tourists to see. All of these attractions have long histories. It's an amazing experience for visitors to see these sites in person. I highly recommend going to each landmark to soak in its history.

Westminster Abbey

Built in the 970s, Westminster Abbey is a Gothic church that houses coronations and royal weddings. The architecture itself is reason enough to warrant a visit. Many tourists come to the Abbey just to view its external facade. Walk inside to learn more about its history.

Tower of London

Built in 1076, its official name is Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress. Centuries ago, the tower served as a fortress and protected the city against invading armies. It has also served as a prison and execution place for prosecuted criminals. These days, it's home to the Crown Jewels. The Tower of London has been declared as a World Heritage Site. It's open for tourists and holds national treasures.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

The original globe was built in 1597. It was destroyed in a fire and rebuilt in 1613. A few nights out of the week, the theatre hosts Shakespeare plays. There are no microphones and no electronic props. The plays are done just like they were in the past. The actors and actresses use the natural architecture of the globe to amplify their voices. During the day, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre is open for tourists. Inside, you'll find an exhibit dedicated to Shakespeare's life and work.

St Paul's Cathedral

The original church was built in 604, but the current building was built sometime in the 17th century. They have an audio guide which explains the church's history and architecture. Inside the church, you'll find the Whispering Gallery. Because of the architecture, people can hear voices when standing far away from each other. St Paul's Cathedral actually sits on top of the tallest hill in London, Ludgate Hill. If you walk to the top of the dome, you'll have a terrific 360 degree view of the city.

Buckingham Palace

Built in 1705, Buckingham Palace is most famous for being home to the royal family. During different seasons, it's open for tourists to come inside. The tour includes exploring the state rooms and the Queen's Gallery. Outside of the palace, the Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place once a day. It involves guards changing stations and mounting their horses.

Other famous landmarks in London

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