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Getting to Know Long Island

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Nassau Long Island

There is an island that stretches eastward from New York City. Long Island, as they call it, extends to about 115 miles. The western tip is where you find Brooklyn and Queens, which are part of New York City. When people speak of Long Island, they generally just mean Nassau and Suffolk counties. As you may have heard, the island is occupied by a little over three million people, but the number of people on the island increases due to the influx of visitors. The island has several spots that lure tourists. Luxury Long Island hotels ensure fine vacation places for wealthy visitors. Long Island is probably not the right place to go if you wish to be thrifty.

The most developed parts of the island are in Nassau and western parts of Suffolk. Population is also densest in these areas. The rest of Suffolk, on the other hand, has typical countryside feel, where wineries, farms, and beaches are common. However, these quiet places are where you can find summer vacation houses and hotels. 
Tourist destinations are spread throughout the island. Tourism is at its peak during summer and fall. These are the seasons when one can get to see the beauty of the island. Winter months see a drop in the number of visitors, who usually find the winter freeze too cold. Aside from bitter winters, the cost of traveling to and staying in Long Island keeps many potential tourists away. The Hamptons or the Gold Coast could strip you of your big cash in minutes. There are towns in Long Island though wherein prices are friendlier. But generally Long Island does not invite tourists with a budget price tag. 
Many people go to Long Island to experience its beautiful beaches, like the ones on the North Shore and South Shore. One can get to see the harbor towns on North Shore—Port Jefferson, Stony Brook, and Huntington Village. Restaurants and shops are spread across these towns. 

There a number of things to do for tourists. They can board the Hampton Jitney for a one-day tour or visit the Wine country on the North Fork. You can also visit the villages of Huntington or Great Neck and check out small shops there. Those who like to see magnificent views of the bay should go to Port Washington. 
Long Island is also a place of wonderful museums. One of the popular museums there is the Atlantis Marine World Aquarium, where you can appreciate the beauty of marine ecosystem. Many visitors also visit what used to be the summer home of President Theodore Roosevelt, the Sagamore Hill. It is now run by the National Park Service. Other museums are the Hicksville Gregory Museum, Cradle of Aviation, Garvies Point Museum and Preserve, Sands Point Preserve, Wantagh Museum, Village of Roslyn, and Sagtikos Manor. 

Long Island hotel accommodations are never a problem. There are a lot of hotels and motels where you can stay. They are all over the place, and you can look them up on the internet and make online reservations. 
Keep in mind that Long Island is a huge island. Once you are in there, it does not really look or feel like an island. You won’t see water unless you get near the coast. 

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