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Kayaking in Ibiza

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 by Hector

 If you are looking for a holiday that stands out from all the rest then you should most definitely try a kayaking holiday in Ibiza and stay in one of the luxurious boutique hotels in Ibiza. Anyone who has tried it will tell you it is one of the best ways to see the island. Kayaking is a fantastic activity for all the family as both young and old can enjoy it. It is not a very strenuous activity physically and of course it is enormous fun. You can jump off your kayak into the clear blue waters as soon as you feel like a rest or just a splash around in the warm Mediterranean sea. The secluded bays are just perfect for swimming in as they are warm, shallow and very calm too. 

 Kayaking takes you to parts of Ibiza that would otherwise be completely off limits. Imagine enclosed bays and hidden coves and that is what you can expect to see plenty of when you use a kayak to navigate your way around Ibiza. Ibiza is a party island and one benefit of this is that early in the morning you have the beaches and lagoons virtually to yourselves. Clubbers and party goers are too busy sleeping it off to be outside first thing in the morning! If you get out in your kayak in the morning you will experience peace and tranquillity that you wouldn't have imagined possible.

Water lapping against your kayak, beautiful birds soaring overhead, a light breeze ruffling your hair and views and landscapes that are second to none are just of the experiences on offer when kayaking in Ibiza. Just because Ibiza has a reputation as a party island does not mean the island is not a family destination. In fact more and more people are choosing Ibiza as a relaxing holiday destination for all the family. There is a lot more to the island than just a pumping night life. 

 There is 210 km of coastline on Ibiza and any of it can be navigated in a kayak. The southern shores are the perfect place to visit if you want to get away from holiday makers and instead see fisherman tending to their nets, incredible hidden lagoons and dramatic scenery.  Stay in one of the  best hotels in Ibiza  too to really put the cherry on your holiday cake. Enjoy  Ibiza's luxury boutique hotels  for comfort and style and kayaking for activity and adventure on the stunning Mediterranean island. 

Hector is a passionate blogger and travel is one of many favourite past times. Finding the right hip hotels in Ibiza or elsewhere is a mission statement.boutique hotels in Ibiza can only be found by determination and lots of travelling around the great Balearic Island.

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