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How To Select A London Tour Experience

London Tour Experience
Consider a Full Service Tour

On a full service tour, a professional will drive you to each destination while lecturing to you about the London's history. Full service tours are generally the most expensive tour option but they are also the most interactive and require the least amount of work. Tour operator pick different landmarks, so do some research and make sure your favorite landmarks are included before booking.

When you're dropped off at a destination, you'll have a pre-determined amount of time to explore and interact. Tourists will see popular attractions like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, or St Paul's Cathedral. The entire tour might last from 5 to 10 hours.

Before booking a full service tour, check to see if a meal is included. Since they last an entire day, it's usually important to get an authentic London meal.

Hop on a Quick Double Decker Bus Tour

Perhaps the most iconic London tours are the red, double decker bus tours. During a double decker bus ride, you can hop on and off any tour bus belonging to that company while your ticket is active. You can purchase a ticket by hopping on any operating bus.

The bus tour operator will point you to famous landmarks as your bus passes by. The top is an open deck, which is great during sunny weather and taking plenty of photos. Tickets are usually for 24 or 48 hours.

Take a Budget Walking Tour

Tour groups will meet at a specific location which will be determined before booking. Tourists are usually on their own to get to that meeting spot, so you should be comfortable with taking public transportation in London. Walking tours are ideal for budget travelers or anyone who wants to slowly learn about London. Tourists can take their time while exploring landmarks. Walking tours usually only cover a small amount of the city, since there's not enough time to walk all around London. There are a few free walking tours, tips for the guides are highly recommended since that's how they make money. Some walking tours will only cover central London.

Best Value River Thames Cruise Tour

On the River Thames cruise, tourists pass along several historic and famous landmarks from a unique perspective. Tourists can hop onto ships from the Westminster Pier to start the tour. It's generally considered the best value tour out of everything else on this list.

Most cruise ships have open decks, so you'll be able to take photos without having beams or windows get in the way. The downside is that it might be a bit windy during your ride. Even worse is if it rains. It's definitely ideal for a sunny day.

The River Thames flows through central London. A tour guide will teach you the history and importance of each landmark as you pass it. On the tour, you'll see Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, and St Paul's Cathedral.

Find More Attractions in London London tours are an excellent way to get a good grasp of the city and learning about its history. They do have their downsides, though, such as they usually miss must see landmarks. Check out my London travel guide to learn more about what to do in London.