Once in a lifetime

London British Museum For Tourists

If you thought you had a pleasant experience at the last museum you visited, think again. This museum has some of the most breathtaking artwork on display at all times. Make sure you find out about the rich history of this place as well, you will be very entertained.

The Main Stairs

It is hard to call this section of the museum an attraction, but once you see all of the artwork and fellow museum-goers around, you will enjoy it. The pathway is lit up by lights every few feet and the stairs themselves are another treasure in themselves. You can really grasp the museum by overlooking the banisters and checking far out into the distance. Be sure to find the best time that a lot of the different collections are on display, because not all of them will be displayed every single day. They try to mix it up a little because they have so much. Just like when a rich person needs to spend their money in different places, not all just in their house. They usually have foundations and other things to keep their fans busy. That is what this museum is trying to do.

Enlightenment: Discovering the World in the 18th Century

This exhibit is one that is permanent so you will definitely get a chance to see it while at the museum. That is kind of nice that they put something there that is always there, just to keep everyone happy. There are about 5,000 different pieces that are displayed that can make the viewer truly grasp what life was like in the middle of the 18th century all the way up to the beginning of the 19th century. The museum was founded by an Act of Parliament and that Act can be seen in George the III's library that was restored.

Living And Dying

This is another one that is here to stay, believe it or not. It shows the rich history of how people have tried to cure diseases and how they realized they could not cure everything. This led to many heartbreaks and even further research. It just shows how long we have come from in the past regarding different medicines and life in general. We have learned new ways of living healthier and better and that helps us stay disease free. There are some artifacts from the Persian Empire that you will not want to pass up. It really describes how agriculture changed our lives forever.

Sutton Hoo Burial

This exhibit is one that you will definitely want to check out in addition to all of the other cool things you can do here. You can see the Sutton Hoo burial helmet from the ship. It dates back to the early 7th century. Now that is old. It is very well preserved and you will appreciate the fact of how long metal can last. It is still very well decorated and it is a wonderful piece to check out. The whole helmet has a bunch of hidden images on it like in one of those children's books.

In conclusion, you do not want to pass up on all the cool things that the British Museum has to offer. You will get an inside look at how awesome the history is here. There is something for everyone.

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