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Daytime Activities to Enjoy for a London Hen Weekend

London Hen Weekend
 by D Gammell 

 Virtually everyone knows about London's nightlife and hens that choose to go there would know what to expect. Though most hens would know what to expect at night time, not a lot of hens know what's in store for them during the day. As a global city, London does have a lot to offer. Still, if one needs ideas on daytime hen party activities, here are some of those.

Learn New Dance Moves

What better way to spend the day than to learn something new? Since London is known for the performing arts, you can easily find a professional dance instructor that will teach you and your girlfriends some new dance moves during your hen party in London.

Latin dances are sexy and if you do not know how to dance the salsa, you can do so as one of your hen do activities. Besides the salsa, you can also learn how to dance burlesque, or perhaps, do some dirty dancing.

Mix and Match

You do not have to go to France to learn how to make perfume if you have always wanted to know how to make some. Get a perfume making lesson as one of your daytime hen party activities and have a lot of fun mixing certain scents.

If you'd rather start partying during the day, you can always choose to learn how to mix cocktail drinks. Of course, you'd get to sample your own concoctions! Learning how to make cocktails can be a great way to start drinking during the day.

Be the Perfect Homemaker

Since you will soon be a homemaker, you might want to start acquiring skills that will make you perfect for the part. You can choose to learn how to decorate cupcakes. That's the perfect activity for hens that love baking to begin with.

Being a homemaker will also mean being a good hostess. You can start learning how to become one by enjoying a high society tea party. Once you've experienced that, you can easily host one yourself.

Hunt Hidden Treasures

A great way to explore the city and to have some daytime excitement would be to enjoy a treasure hunt in London. Such an activity can be created in such a way that you get to explore all of the city's World Heritage sites too.

For sure, no matter what the treasure is, you and your girlfriends will have a lot of fun traveling all over the city. You can even include the other areas within the metropolis.

Be Pampered, Rest, and Relax

Though London is a very busy city or one that never sleeps, you can always choose to have a more relaxing daytime hen do activity. A day at the spa will guarantee that you will be fully rested and relaxed. This way, you can all reserve all your energy for the evening festivities.

A hen weekend will definitely be better than just spending a day in the city. A hen weekend in London means you will have more time to enjoy a number of those daytime activities. Furthermore, it will give you more time to really enjoy the city's nightlife. 

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