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An Overview of China Travel Guide

Sitting pretty in the heart of Asia, China boasts the largest population in the world. The rich culture, warm hospitality, delicious food, and amazing attractions make this country a popular tourist destination. Every year legions of holiday makers and business travelers flock to this country and China welcomes them all with the same enthusiasm. Whether you are looking for a romantic sojourn in Hong Kong or a cultural rendezvous in Beijing, the quant villages and the stunning cities of China are sure to impress you and stay in your mind for long. In this China travel guide we will tell you about the important things that you must do while you are there.

When you are on a China trip, make sure you explore the rich history of the region as there are numerous historic monuments and buildings that speak volumes about the glamorous past. Visit the Forbidden City situated in Beijing to experience the whispers of the imperial intrigue, and remember the legends that were created atop the Great Wall. If you are visiting Shanghai, don't forget to see Bund which still has reminiscences of the past days when the trade was flourishing. Another historic area worth visiting is the Lijiang where the cobblestone streets remind of the past.

Chinese food is popular throughout the world, so make sure you enjoy the authentic style cuisines while you are in the country that actually produces them. In the northern side, you will find staples like dumplings, noodles, and flatbreads; and as you go southwards you will see people eating more of rice. In the north-east, you will find the heartiest of foods, with light and delicate flavors. Don't miss the appetizing mushroom dishes in Yunnan and the popular dim sum in Guangdong. Regardless of where you are in China, you are sure to always find delicious tea after your meals.

China boasts of its rich culture and heritage, and when you visit the country don't forget to enjoy the various cultural attractions that give you an insight of the country's traditions. The grand opera shows held in Beijing provide you a window to witness the imperial era. There are numerous temples in the country and each one has a story to tell. The Shaolin Temple is perhaps one of the most important as it is the birthplace of kung fu and it speaks volumes about the role of martial arts and Buddhism in shaping the cultural identity of China.

If you are looking for a quiet retreat amidst the natural surroundings then we would recommend that you visit Huang Shan that boasts of spectacular mountain scenes and wonderful tea. The Yunnan province, situated in south west China is home to more than 25 ethnic minority groups which include the Miao, Mosuo, Tibetans, Bai, and Dai. These ethnic groups have their own customs, languages and culture worth exploring.

No trip to China is complete unless you do some shopping as there are plenty of spectacular shopping arcades in the country. From antique art work and paintings to silk items and tea, there are numerous authentic Chinese items that you can buy during your visit and take home with you.

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