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What Are The Most Recommended Myrtle Beach Golf Courses?

Resting on the east coast is the charming city of Myrtle Beach. Residents and tourists alike take advantage of this gem by occupying the many sandy beaches and golf courses the city has to offer. For all you beach bums, you know finding a place to park your towel isn't hard when you live in a place like Myrtle Beach. However, all you golf players may have a stricter guidebook to follow, especially if you're a local seeking a new turf. There are a number of courses that are regarded as must-sees, reaching both beginner and advanced audiences. With each area offering a setting different than the last, each individual interested is sure to find a course worth visiting.

The Sea Trail Gulf resort is particularly sought after by golfers who want a variety of options for their experience. Many packages can be found that allow people to take advantage of the three courses this resort has available. Each course is easily accessible and each provides different challenges based on your level of expertise. Of these options are the Byrd, Jones, and Maples courses. Each of these choices offer exquisite scenery with lakes, trees, and sand spattered about. The Maple course even has it's own clubhouse apart from Byrd and Jones. Deciding on the ideal choice for your afternoon can be difficult; therefore, package bundles including all 3 are often preferred.

Other popular choices among the crowds include the Pearl courses. This venue provides two 18-hole options that are highly ranked throughout the United States. You are sure to reach maximum relaxation when playing around the natural forest and ending along the tranquil Calabash river. There are plenty of eye catching moments to enjoy within nature while you stroll along the greenery. With a days full of events available between the two courses you might find popping in to the restaurant a convenient option for a drink or snack between events.

In order to truly choose the ideal option for your getaway, or weekend, you must decide what factors of a course are important to you. Does a long, flowing lake enhance your experience? Than you may be interested in what the well-known Prestwick Country Club has to share. Perhaps you want a country experience and hope to keep your journey in a marshland atmosphere like the Indigo Creek playing ground. By simply choosing the setting, determining the length, and deciding on amenities you are sure to find the exact fit in Myrtle Beach for your dream day.