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Top 5 Best Travel Accessories for Backpackers

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Going for backpacking around the world is fun, but no matter what you bring or how you bring it. Nobody should bother too much over how to pack or what travel gear to bring on.  Not unless you're planning to scale Mount Everest, chances are that you'll survive. But there are a few items that are specially designed help you stay light and mobile, which means you'll end up spending less time dealing with life's basics and more time making new friends and experiencing new adventures. Here are the five of the best travel accessories for backpack travelers:

A Travel Backpack

By far the best accessory you can bring is also the most basic - a backpack that's designed for travel. Of course, any backpack might do. But if you want to carry your stuff quickly and easily and keep everything inside organized, a travel backpack is exactly what you need. The best thing is that travel backpacks open like a suitcase. Traditional backpacks will open at the top with a drawstring. So that if you need to grab something at the bottom of a traditional backpack, you might have to take everything out first and then pack it again. This can be a complete hassle if you're in the middle of a train station. With travel backpacks, you will still have all the same features, but you can open it from the top or side and have access to all your stuff quickly and easily.

Quick-Dry Travel Underwear

Nothing can ruin a trip faster than a little fungus in your nether regions, if you know what I mean. Stuffing a damp, cotton underwear in your pack is an ingredient for mildew, fungus and odors. With a quick-dry, anti-bacterial underwear, you can just wash it in the sink and hang it to dry and it's ready to pack or wear by the time the next bus comes. And also it's anti-bacterial coating helps fight fungus between washings.

Packing Cubes

I didn't even know what these were when I first started to travel. Now, I don't pack even for a single weekend without them. Packing cubes, or just compression packers, are essentially mesh or nylon squares into which you pack all of your gear before putting the cubes in your backpack. Not only do they keep stuff organized, but they allow you to pack way more stuff in the same space by compressing the materials before putting them in your pack. 

International Plug Adapters

It's a wired world and you have to always stay plugged in. Each continent, essentially, has its own electrical wall outlet configuration, so you have to bring an adapter to fit it if you want to plug in your electronics. There are a couple of ways to do this. If you're going for a worldwide trip, or aren't sure where you'll end up, bring an all-in-one universal adapter that will fit no matter where you go. If you're going to be in only one continent, you can also buy an adapter set that includes individual pieces, so you can bring only what you need.

Travel or Luggage Locks

I hate to break the positive travel spirit by mentioning security, but you're a long way from home and it can be a major hassle and time-eater to replace things that are stolen while traveling. So you want to take a few precautions. The best type of locks for backpackers are travel cable locks that include flexible cables to reach multiple zippers. These locks allow you to secure your pack and exterior pockets while in crowded places prone to pick pocketing, or when you are separated from your pack. Some locks with longer cables also let you secure your pack to a chair or other fixed object. Travel locks are small and lightweight. They aren't going to prevent every theft. But if someone has just a few seconds to pick through a few backpack pockets, these locks will make sure they don't pick through yours.

So, remember, travel should be low stress and great times. No need to get stressed down in too many how-to guides. You'll have a blast no matter which travel accessories you bring.  But with a few key accessories you'll stay light, mobile and have more time to spend exploring the world. 

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