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Beijing Travel - Where to go and do

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Beijing is an extremely busy city and people travel to this city for a variety of reasons whether for business or for pleasure. If you are traveling for a vacation, it is always better to visit when the weather is something to your preference so that you can enjoy the sites and certain activities to the fullest. Continue to read this article to learn more about Beijing's weather and the best time to visit. You will also find that there are tips on what you should wear and what kind of activities you can expect to do or find.

There are four seasons; and they are very distinct from each other. You can tour Beijing anytime of the year but would be better if you also took note of the following:

In Spring, which is from April to May, is warm. It is best to pack lightweight clothing but the temperature in the day could be very different from that at night. So also pack some warm clothes to wear in the evening if needed.

June to the middle of September is considered Summer. It is known to be the hottest time but also has a lot of rainfall. Rainfall can come at anytime and therefore it is best to pack umbrellas.

Autumn starts from the middle of September to October's end. This is the most favorite time to travel by a lot of visitors. The temperature is mild yet there is still a lot of sunshine. Visitors enjoy looking at the change of the different trees. This is also a popular time to visit Beijing because of the break from school. If you plan to visit during Autumn, it is best to pack warm clocking like long-sleeves.

Winter from November to March can be very cold. Warm clothing is a necessity. However, visitors can enjoy the winter sport games and cultural activities within those months. Plus, if you plan to stay during Winter, you might be able to find more inexpensive rooms and better deals. It is during these months that you can do more business negotiations like with your hotel or other vacation spots. There are also a lot of special bargains before the Chinese New Year which could be enticing especially if you are interested in shopping for clothes and electronics.

When is the best time to visit?

Many opt to visit Beijing during Autumn because of its inviting weather, but as mentioned earlier, any time of the year is available. One can take a deeper look into visiting during the Winter especially if interested in some good deals. As a tip, always consider the reason for your visit and do a little bit of research on it as you make plans and schedules of your arrival in China's capital, Beijing.

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