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Bahamas Food to Tantalize

by Ashley Griffin

Bahamas Food to Tantalize

Ashley Griffin

When you go to the Bahamas you'll want to make sure you're eating the best food possible. There are many different special foods on the island, so make sure you give them a try. You can just eat something like a cheeseburger, but that won't be a new experience and it will cost you twice as much!

The Bahamians love their food. It's not surprising at all that seafood is the preferred food of the island. They love food so much that it is the only thing offered as a major at their local college. There are people who come from all over the world just to get the knowledge of the islands for their hotel and restaurant management degree.

It's amazing, students really do come from different countries just to go to school on the Bahamas island. Just like many of there students, the foods that are not common have to be imported. Were you wondering about that cheeseburger? That has to be imported, which adds a considerable amount to the price tag.

The most popular food that you would find in the Bahamas are conch, grouper, and the spiny tail lobster. You can also find chicken, lamb, goat, and pork entrees. If you want true Bahamas cuisine you would do well to go to the smaller local restaurants. The others Americanize everything so much that you may as well be eating at home!

One of the main foods in the Bahamas is the queen conch. Many believe this to be a great aphrodisiac, which is why it is added to so many dishes. There is problem with conch shell disposal at the beach, however.

You will find dozens and dozens of different ways to eat conch on your trip. You'll find it marinated, mixed with lime juice, put in salads, and chopped. The fun doesn't stop there. You'll also find it put in subs, on pizza, and so much more. Try and eat conch at least a few different ways on your Bahama's vacation.

Not everyone is a seafood eater so the restaurants do try to cater to that. You can find imported meats, and some local chickens. The Chicken Souse is a real winner. Though there can be some surprising ingredients! Always make sure to ask before eating.

You will also love the drinks that the Bahamas island offers. Kalik beer is one that is brewed locally. Enjoy this beer chilled with your favorite meal. Rum is another favorite drink. This is flavored with everything from coconut to bananas.

Be sure to sample as much as you can on your trip to the bahamas, because you'll be glad you did. Book your trip as soon as possible so you can get started.

Before you even book your trip check out the (http://bahamasisland.info) Bahamas Island info site. You can also figure out what those (http://bahamasisland.info/cultureisland-time-langauge/musicits-all-about-goombay-and-junkanoo) Goombays are up to!

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