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Best Airline Seats: How to Get Them!

By Jack Olivor

Everyone wants to grab the best seats on an aircraft. While the term ‘best’ may have different implications for different travellers, the essence remains that comfort is what everyone is looking for!

Comfort becomes paramount if the traveller is looking to undertake a long journey, like flights to India from London and this is where it becomes all the more important to land up with most comfortable airline seats unless you want to become the cheese in a seat sandwich!

Take a look at certain factors that can assist you in landing up with best airline seats on your next flight.

Research Well

Make sure to research well before booking tickets to far off destinations like India. Not only does it help the traveller in netting cheap flights to India but it may also make it easy for them to find the best seats on the aircraft. There are number of travel websites as well as booking engines that provide an illustration of the aircraft you are booking tickets for. Such portals specify what seats are still available for each flight. It sure is the most convenient way to get your preferred seat option.

Book Early

Early booking is a key that unlocks many a locks! Holiday destinations like India are highly popular and it makes sense to book your flights as soon as possible. It goes without saying that with more options available you are in better position to find seat of your choice. Tourists can also net cheap flights to India in case they are smart enough to make bookings months before.

Money Pinching Is No Good

One can also consider spending few pounds more to ensure having an enjoyable in-flight experience. Saving money on a plane ticket might cost you in regards to on-board comfort and relaxation. Especially for long-haul journeys like London to India, it is best to cough up a bit extra to make sure your flight experience is as good as your rest of the holidays.

Compare Seat Pitch and Width

For travellers who are unsure regarding which seats are comfortable and which are not, it is best to compare seat pitch and width dimensions. It must be kept in mind that seat pitch and width can vary significantly with different aircraft type. While one or two inches may not seem much, it can make huge difference when it comes to comfort or lack of it. The best way to go about it is to find the type of aircraft you will be flying in and also find out how many seats the airline is offering in the travel class. It seems logical that in a same plane type, an airline offering more seats than the other is likely to have less legroom.

Exit Rows

Exit row seats are usually snapped up quickly on long flights to India. These seats have more legroom and are thus pretty popular among seasoned travellers. However, many airlines do not permit exit-row seats to be pre-booked. Usually, airline personnel wish to verify that passengers sitting on the exit-row seats are physically capable of opening the emergency exit, should the need arise.


Bulkhead seats, located right behind the partitions that separate travel classes from one another, can also be good option for those looking for extra legroom. With no one sitting in front of you, there is no possibility of anyone reclining back and cramping up your space. It is also easier to enter and exit your bulkhead seat.

Seats to Avoid

Your long flight to India will seem even longer in case you are struck with bad seats. Passengers seeking comfort on their flights would like to avoid seats that are located n front of the exit rows. These seats usually cannot be reclined back.

Seats near the washrooms can also be steered clear off as no body wants people to hover around them waiting for their turn.

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