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How to Cook Ugali

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Ugali is a stiff starch meal made from maize, sorghum, yam flour or different types of grains and roots. It is a common staple food in most parts of east, south and western Africa.
The name ‘Ugali’ is Kenyan, but it is known by different names in different countries. For example in Uganda, it is known as ‘Kaunga’ and Zambia ‘Nshima’.
In most of these countries where Ugali is their main food, the stew that accompanies it is always different, for instance in kenya, the stew that goes along with it is either Sukuma Wiki (Kale) or Nyama choma (roast meat)

Basic Ingredients

  • Maize flour

  • Accompanying vegetables, meat, or soup

  • Water: - depending on the number of people (about 2 cups for 1 person)


Bring to boil the two or more cups of water in a sauce pan, add a few handfuls of maize flour slowly while mixing it with a ‘Mwiko’ (wooden cooking utensil), continue adding the flour as you mix it until it becomes thick, then start reducing the amount of flour as it thickens, make it thicker than cake dough. Shape it into round-oval like ball, over turn the sauce pan on a plate and let the Ugali drop on the plate. Cut into pieces and serve.

Tips: -    Best cooked until produces a slightly sweet burning smell.
-          Dip the wooden utensil in water before shaping the Ugali for better results.
-          Allow the water to boil for at least two three minutes before adding the flour.
-          Cover it for a few minutes before removing from fire for better results.


  • Kale (Sukuma Wiki) - Best prepared with soup and spices (Royco)
  • Meat- you may add to the Kales or fry it separately.
  • Fish- Fried Tilapia is best, with tomato soup.

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