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Nairobi Guide: Expenses and basic needs

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If you are planning on staying in Nairobi for a while, it would be wise to spend some time gathering more information on what to eat, where to stay, where to shop, mode of transportation and so forth. One of the biggest advantage that Nairobi city has over most of other cities in the world, is that most of the major shopping malls, hospitals, nice apartments and other useful facilities are within a distance of about 0.5-10 kilometers.


This is undoubtedly the only basic need that will leave your pockets empty and dry in Nairobi.
If you are planning on living here for a long time, try not to get an apartment in the so called ‘up market’ areas of the city. A decent one bedroom apartment will go for about $500 - $700, while in other areas they would cost you anywhere between $90 to $150.
A two to three bed roomed apartment in areas which are not considered ‘up market’ will cost $120-$300 a month. The only difference between the ‘up market’ and other areas is the distance from the CBD. Most businessmen prefer living close to town which is about 3-6 kilometers from the CBD. Areas not considered ‘up market’ are about 10-15 kilometers from the central business district., which doesn’t make a huge difference an ordinary person.


There are plenty of large and mini buses that ferry people within and out of the city at all times. If you would like to cut down on your transport spending while you are in Nairobi, don’t bother looking for other means like a personal taxi or a car hire since all the areas within the city are covered by the bus network. If you are traveling out of the city center to any of the residential areas within the city, each bus ride would only cost you about $ 0.50 – $1  


Depending on your preference, most food or food related stuff go at reasonable prices, a decent meal at a local restaurant would range from between $3-$15 depending on the area and type of food. If you are planning on having home made meals which are more pocket friendly, then you can decide which market is more convenient for you. There are more than 7 large shopping malls in the city plus other open air markets that sell grocery and other foods.


If you wish to take a walk in the park or grab a bottle of beer, you won’t have to look further, Nairobi has some of the best entertainment clubs in the country, and the good news is that they very pocket friendly. For instance, if you love plays, it would only cost you about $6 to watch a decent one, a bottle of beer will cost you between $1-$1.5 while a session of massage goes for about $10-$20.there are other plenty of stuff to do around the city, you just have to walk around and find out what you like.

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