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Manhattan At Night

You might have found some excellent things to keep you busy from morning until afternoon, but you are missing out if you do not go to some special events that take place in the Manhattan night fall. You can see awesome theater shows that will keep the kids happy. Even younger children will enjoy the free museums that are offered.

Museum Of Modern Art Theater

This is an excellent free theater for all kids who are under the age of 16. If you happen to get a chance to go from Friday from 4pm to 8pm, you can get free screenings of many family friendly movies. You will mostly have black and white films that day, but you can also view a couple that are in color. Either way, it is a wonderful way to wind down during the evening and escape the summer heat. Nothing is better than a free movie for the whole family. Check out which films are being shown on certain days at their website. You will be able to get tickets ahead of time there as well. You should also check out the types of contact information they are giving there.


If you are looking for a great place to hang out in New York during the summer, do not miss this venue. You can see excellent stage shows all summer long for free. If you like to go behind the stages and check out the artwork first hand, you can do so. They have a free gratis show that takes place from July to August. It is from mid-July to mid-August. You need to line up to see the show one hour before the main event starts. It can be a great way to meet new people who enjoy the artwork that you do. You can see all that the stage shows have to offer by doing this. Make sure you bring your camera if they allow it. You can remember your day for a very long time.

Sony Wonder Tech Lab

If you are near Madison Avenue one night, do not miss what this lab has to offer you. You will always be able to see a screening for free. It has some shows for the little ones mostly, but there are some for the whole family. Do not miss your chance to catch some great shows.

Taking Pictures At Night

You can have some amazing pictures come out of Manhattan if you know how to take pictures and have a decent camera. You don't need to have the highest priced camera in order to have a good time taking pictures. Those usually come with the price of being too heavy to lug around everywhere. When you are out at night in Manhattan, you will want to travel to all the different sites that you can possibly go to without being too much out of breath by the end of the night.

In conclusion, do not miss out on these awesome things you can do while you are walking through the Manhattan skyline at night. You can find many different free screenings and shows at night if you look a little. You can also remember the night by taking good pictures. 

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