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Beautiful Kerala

Kerala is situated in the southern most part of our nation, surrounded by TamilNadu and Karnataka on its eastern and northern borders, and Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean on its western and borders, is known as "God's Own Country". This land has diverse natural surroundings, from hills and mountains, to rivers, to forests, sea, plains, green backwates etc. Being situated in the tropic region of our mother earth, the climatic conditions are extreme with a peculiar characteristic of rainfall twice a year.

It is a state which is visited by foreign tourists all throughout the year. It is a land of beauty with amazing destinations. Kovallam, one of the famous beaches in India is a part of this beautiful state, situated on the shore of the blue Arabian sea. Kumarakom a place known for the beautiful green backwaters, and exotic hotels with amesmerising view of the backwaters and the beautiful "House Boats". Munnar, a hillstation is often visited by tourists. Thekkedey a forest area, famous for wildlife viewing and adventure sports. This beautiful land is a land filled with greenery thus with lower pollution. The people belonging to this special land are also special, they have their own culture and traditions. This land and its people are known for the famous festival Onam, which is marked by the "snake-boat race". It has a huge number of divinely beautiful temples each having large and tranquil surroundings.

This state is the land of origin, of the mother of all martial arts "Kalaripayattu", and the famous dance form "Kathakali". This land is famous for the coffee and spices grown here. The Nilgiri coffee is always in demand for coffee lovers. Kerala is also known as the land of coconuts, due to the large number of coconut trees and coconut products produced and the use of coconut oil in food. Ayurveda is a kind of treatment done in India from the ancient times, and which is still done and followed in Kerala, and this state is renowned in the world for its ayurvedic medicines. This pristine land produces a wide range of designer gold jewellery. Various dance and colourful art forms have originated from this land making it a land of vibrant colours.

It's a state with the highest literacy rate in India, because the people belonging to this land equally treat the male and female sexes. People being highly educated, the state has a normal population and less pollution with more greenery.

Kerala is a beautiful land with its mesmerising and serene natural surroundings, divine temples, abounding in culture, rich in tradition and simple people. It is one of the best place on this earth and it is rightly called "God's own country".

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