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Moonrise in Yosemite

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Fall is here! The Fall Equinox is upon us. What a wonderful time to feel the glory of our Mother Earth. With all the many changes and shifts that are upon us and the challenges in the human world, it is so important for us to live in our heart centers as much as possible, for our heart energies are healing our Earth and she needs us to be here for her. Use the energy of the Mother and connect with her, and she will sustain you in all of your more "human" contacts . For we are here to channel nd mix the energy of Spirit through our 7th chakras and up through our 1st chakra from the Earth and mix them our heart chakra and express this blended energy out into our world. This energy helps to heal the fallout from the changes that are upon us. Be as a spinning vortex of this heart energy and send it out to all that are in need of it and ready to receive it.

I would like to tell you a story of a moonlight walk I took in Yosemite this week, it was truly a transformational experience. I drove there in the early evening so I could catch the rising of the full moon. My dog Dianna and I started out by the Merced River, which was flowing strongly, the water being at its highest level of the year from the snowmelt. We spoke our prayers and tuned in with the Water Spirits. We Tao a walk up the road by the river, it was so quiet in the twilight time, and as we walked by we greeted several groups of people on the otherwise deserted road. The water in the river rushed and even roared in places, it filled our senses as we walked to the base of the Grandfather, El Capitan. He was majestic as he became enveloped in shadow as the twilight wrapped around us. His presence was so strong and solid yet at the same time welcoming . His forceful energy came out to meet us as we stood in the apron of trees at his base. The song he sang to us was one of his blessing and continual support for us on this earth. A little while later it was time to go , the river called us on to our next destination. We walked back to the car and drove down the valley to a waterfall which is close to the road, it was dark now as the moonrise approached.

The spray from the waterfall hit us as we walked up to the boulders at its base. The power and force of the water was impressive as it roared, we were surrounded by cascading water at all levels , above us, and below us, as we stood there. Rushing water was everywhere! Oh the songs it sang to us, of life and the sacredness of it , of the joy of being present on this blessed Earth.

And then the boulders themselves spoke to us , come up to us, they said, we are the guardians of this portal, step with us into the next dimension. We paused, and absorbed this message, is this the way to go, Yes, was the answer, go through the portal. We took our time as it was very dark now, and slowly picked our way up to the large boulder that had spoken to us. We climbed over it and leaned against its face on the other side. We had stepped through the portal and now were in the next dimension. As we breathed and relaxed into it , soaking up the new energy it brought us. What does this feel like? The comfortable unknown, since it was an energy we had not ever experienced before., but was pleasant and welcoming. As we stood before the rock walls that surround the waterfall , a light begin to illuminate them....slowly they came into more form up top, the granite silvery and the trees still dark, and it all began to glow. All this time the water itself roared around us, enlivening us with its spray. The light continued to brighten until the entire wall and fall of water was glowing in bright light. The moon was up! This was what they wanted us to seeing this new dimension! The moon, bringing us this new energy , was here! How glorious! It was majestic and calm and oh so powerful in the quiet.
As we walked back to the car and began the drive down the canyon to home, we were aglow in this wonderful new energy , and it will always be in us, its a part of us now.

Eve Sheldon is a professional life coach who works with the Nature Spirits in Yosemite to heal the Earth and all creatures on her. Eve works with her coaching clients over the phone, helping them to make the connection to their souls path and to nature, and to use this connection to better their everyday life. Foe a sample session email her at naturespiritcoaching@sti.net

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