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Moonlight Yosemite Tour

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I've always interested in natural scenery. I visited the Grand Canyon last year, so this year I plan to take a Yosemite tour and Yellowstone tour. In this cold winter, I have collected plenty of information about the two fabulous parks. If you take a moonlight tour in Yosemite, you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery of this great national park. As there are mountains in the park, the moonlight will light everything up in late night. And then you may have an illusion that you have been in a wonderland. It may be even better than Alice's wonderland.

If it is a full moon night, you can take a distinctive tram tour to visit this fabulous place. The tour starts at 10pm and ends at 12pm. During the two-hour-tour, you can have an overview of the valley. As the tram is open air, you'd better wear warm clothing. This tour is very exciting, so tourists have to make reservation beforehand. Moreover, you cannot catch it if there is no full moon either. So pray for full moon before you get to Yosemite.

Besides the interesting moonlight tram tour, you can also take a visit to the moonbows. If there is a full moon, you are most likely to see the miraculous scenery at Yosemite Falls. When the moonlight hits the mist of the waterfalls, you can see the amazing scene. It may have different colors or just white. Many tourists will come there to watch the distinctive sight. And almost each tourist takes a camera, and they hope they can catch the most beautiful moment. Due to the changing rising time of the moon, the moonbows appear in different time. When you are visiting the national park, you can ask Yosemite employees for the best time to watch the extraordinary sight.

 They are familiar with the occurrence of moonbows, but you need to give them some tips. It is very worthwhile comparing with the fantastic sights. After the great moonlight tour to Yosemite, I will begin my new tour to Yellowstone. Tours make my life interesting and exciting. Do you like travel?

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