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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Niagara Falls For Your Next Vacation

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Niagara Falls
Are you on the fence about where to go on your next family vacation? Well here are some great reasons why Niagara Falls may be a great place to visit now!

Why Niagara Falls

Although known as the "Honeymoon Capital" Niagara Falls has slowly been shaking that distinction for the last decade now and is growing to become more family oriented as well as being geared toward both the sophisticated and adventure seeking traveler. Don't get me wrong, this city is still a romantic place to visit and is still a very popular Honeymoon destination, it's just that the majority of people choosing Niagara for a vacation are beginning to look at it as a place to take the whole family. Below I have listed my top reasons why I think this city is a Must See for anyone or any family looking for a place to travel.

Top Five Reasons to Visit Niagara Falls

1. The Natural Beauty:

Visitors to the area are treated to almost every kind of landscape they can imagine. From the hilly cliffs of the Escarpment to the grassy flat farmland, to the shores of two Great lakes and to the deep Niagara Gorge cut out by the Falls themselves anyone living here can tell you that you that if you want a change in scenery just go for a walk and you'll get it.

2. Great Attractions:

Along With the unique landscape that makes up the Niagara Falls area, visitors and locals alike are treated to some of the best attractions found anywhere, and some are even one of a kind! In fact there are so many attractions here that even the hardest to please will have a good time. If you want to get a real feel for the Falls themselves, some of the attractions I would suggest you take in would include a ride on the world famous Maid of the Mist to get you right next to the Falls, a flight on Niagara Helicopters to view the area from way up high, a ride on Whirlpool Jet boats will get you nice and soaked in the river and maybe even a Journey Behind The Falls to really get the feeling of how powerful they really are. There are dozens more of fun attractions to experience in the area so trying to narrow them all down here would be impossible so you will just have to come here to see them all.

3. Built for Tourism

Ever since the Falls were first inhabited by the pioneers founding both Canada and the United States people have always known that this place would be a popular destination for traveling to and witnessing the great power of the water going over the crest. It is for that reason that the City of Niagara Falls Canada has always focused a lot of its attention on creating the perfect vacation experience. From keeping the parks well maintained to building new and exciting attractions the city has always kept a focus on making the visitor feel like home.

4. Great for Kids

Although many still have the Honeymoon Capital in mind when they think of Niagara Falls, the City is actually a great place to bring the kids. Children of all ages will be able to bring back fond memories of there trip to the Falls as they can ride on the Maid of the Mist, play in the many video arcades and bowling alleys, try their hand and mini putt golf and even experience one of the 3 water parks within the city's limits. Of course with some of these activities like the water parks and Maid of the Mist, children will have to be accompanied by and adult.

5. Wineries and Casinos

OK I know, this ones just for the adults in the room, but if you're looking for a place to unwind, Niagara Falls has a lot to offer. Niagara Wine Country is world famous for its Ice Wine and has festivals several times a year. Plan your trip for the right time and you could spend a week experiencing all the various wineries and restaurants included in the events. Two Casinos with 24 hour gaming, lots of shopping, eating and spa service, a person could really enjoy themselves there.

There's More

There's always more to do in the Falls. A great night life, world class restaurants, golfing, antiquing, and so on and so on. You get my point. So if your still looking for that great next trip, think Niagara Falls, you'll love it!

As a life long resident of the Niagara Region, Tim Nagy uses his extensive knowledge of the area when writing on related topics such as Niagara tourism, sight seeing, accommodations, attractions and anything else to do with this popular travel destination. Tim is a writer and partner contributor to Everything Niagara Falls http://www.everything-niagara-falls.com, a site dedicated to providing free information on all there is to do and see in Niagara Falls.

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