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Amazing Croatia

About Croatia

It is located in the southeastern part of Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea to the southwest, Montenegro to the sotheast, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the southeast, Serbia to the east, Hungary to the northeast, and Slovenia to the northwest. Croatia has mediterranean and continental climate. The continental part of the country is predominant with hot summers and cold winters while the Adriatic coast has mild winters, and dry summers. With a size of approximately 57,000 sq kilometers and population of slightly less than 4.5 million, Croatia is in fact a small land with many extraordinary sights and unique beauty. Its capital and largest city is Zagreb. Tourism is the most developed industry, and millions of people visit Croatia every year.

A small country for a great vacation

Croatia is one of the most desirable destinations of the 21st century, and also one of the cheapest destinations in Europe. It is well known for its beautiful Adriatic coast, many historical architectures listed on UNESCO's list of world heritage, and delicious and diverse cuisine. Croatia is the pearl of the Mediterranean, and its stunning and untouched nature, will delight even the most demanding visitors. Croatia offers many accommodation possibilities; from numerous hotels and camps to privately owned apartments and rooms. In recent years, privately owned accommodation became very popular. Every year, more young people decide to visit Croatia because of the popular destinations, such as Novalja (Zrce) and Hvar, which offer them a good entertainment and nightlife.

Places to visit

From all extraordinary sights that Croatia has to offer, you can visit many beautiful beaches, stop by the remarkable historic towns such as Rovinj and Motovun in Istria, luxurious Opatija in Kvarner or glamorous Dubrovnik in Dalmatia. Just wandering around the country, visitors can enjoy discovering hidden places that tell a story of a millennial history.


As said earlier, Croatian cuisine is truly diverse and every part of the country has its own delicious specialties. Throughout the past, it was mainly influenced by the Italian and Hungarian cuisine. Because of that, Croatia can offer a great diversity of dishes- from numerous versions of stews, pies, sausages and a variety of grilling in the Continental part of the country to the great quality olive oil, cheese, lamb, truffles and a variety of fresh seafood along the Adriatic coast.

Hopefully this brief article will intrigue you to think about visiting Croatia so that you can be amazed with its unique beauty. Shortly, there will be an article about the accommodation offer in Croatia, and how you can save money when booking your vacation.