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Exploring the Historical Museum Of Crete

Historical Museum Of Crete
Like most Mediterranean destinations, Crete is mostly known as a beach holiday resort. Its temperate Mediterranean climate, sandy beaches and picturesque sights are the main factors responsible for the majority of the volume of traffic operators of Heraklion airport transfers get each year, with most of it, predictably, occurring during the summer months.

However, much like many of its sister destinations along the Mediterranean coast, there is more to Crete than meets the eye. The island shares a lot of history with Greece and, while significantly lesser known, its own history is no less interesting than that of the mainland country it is administratively linked to. Some of the attractions found in not only in this city but also a number of other locations around the island are well worth a visit. Many of them may be passed on the Heraklion airport transfers, and can be returned to on foot while exploring this wonderful city.
First impressions are important

Arguably, foremost among these attractions is the Historical Museum of Crete, one of the city's most imposing buildings and quite possibly one of the first landmarks tourists heading into the city on their Heraklion airport transfers will take stock of. With its imposing neo-classical exterior, the museum dominates the centre of the city, and invites guests to explore.

Those who do choose to heed this call are not likely to be disappointed. Like most collections which attempt to record the history of a country, the Historical Museum of Crete contains an impressive selection of chronologically-ordered artefacts, paintings, coins, accessories and other artistic and historical objects which help chronicle the island's existence from the 4th century AD to the present day.

An impressive collection

Among the highlights of the museum's stock are the only two paintings by the city's prodigal son El Greco to be displayed in Cretan soil: 1567's The Baptism Of Christ and View Of Mount Sinai, which dates from around 1572. Nikos Kazantzakis, the city's other famous native, is also well represented within the museum, with an entire section dedicated to his personal effects, manuscripts, and objects from his home in France. The museum's third highlight is its 4m x 4m model mock-up of the town of Chandia (the city's former name) as it would have been in the mid-17th century, at the peak of Venetian rule.

Guests visiting the museum at any given time may also be lucky enough to catch one of the many temporary exhibits the space regularly hosts. Those keen on historic literature may also be interested in exploring the museum's library, which caters to the general public as well as to researchers and specialists.

The first impression of the Historical Museum of Crete, acquired during the Heraklion airport transfers, should be more than enough to entice a detailed examination of this fascinating attraction.

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