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Top Religious Sites of Amalfi

Booking a stay in any of the delightful villas in Amalfi is becoming extremely popular, thanks to the idyllic natural beauty of the area. The town itself, however, is steeped in Medieval Christian history - with many religious sites serving as silent, timeless witnesses to the past. If you stay in one of the villas in Amalfi, it will definitely be worth your time to visit these spiritual and cultural landmarks.

Duomo di Sant'Andrea Apostolo - Constructed in the 9th century and still serving the faithful to this day, this famous cathedral deserves to take the top spot in the list of religious sites. It has gone through quite a few restorations over the centuries, with the Saint Andrew's Cathedral of today boasting beautiful striped marble and unique lace detailing that sets it apart from usual Italian architecture. Step inside and you will be treated to a wide array of venerable works of art, from The Martyrdom of Saint Andrew to a crucifix made completely of mother-of-pearl.

Chiostro del Paradiso - The Cloister of Paradise is exactly what it sounds like - a little slice of tranquillity here on the Italian coast. The Cloister was constructed in the 13th century AD, and was designed to house the noble dead of the town. It now serves not only as an important cultural and religious landmark, but also as an open-air museum where visitors can appreciate art and history. The curious thing about the Cloister of Paradise is its Middle Eastern architecture - most notably the pointed arches and the slender double-columns indicative of its Arab influences. This demonstrates the extent of the influences the region has experienced over the years.

The Benedictine Monastery of St. Mary on Mount Athos - This particular monastery is perched high above the town, offering spectacular views while simultaneously exuding an aura of tranquillity so common in many other monasteries. The monastery was originally intended to serve as a residence for the single, virtuous women of the town around the latter years of the 10th century. It has been transformed into the seat of the local municipality, while also serving as a grand cemetery over time. Do note that the monastery is not readily accessed from many of the villas in Amalfi without a vehicle.

The Convent of Saint Domenico - If you do rent a vehicle, make your way to another isolated convent located on the coast - the Convent of Saint Domenico. This particular convent deserves special mention in this list, not because of its grandiosity or its prominence, but because of the simple yet strangely serene ambience surrounding its construction - its architecture blending seamlessly with the nearby rocks and cliffs. The many beautiful frescos contained within only help to highlight its esoteric subtlety - something that be explained only by visiting the convent in person.

For those renting villas in Amalfi who may be itching to delve into religious history, the above sites are a wonderful start.

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