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Discovering Some Hidden Gems of Menorca

Luckily for those looking to get away from it all is it still very possible to visit a beautiful Spanish island without having to endure the crowds that normally come with a Mediterranean locale. On Menorca, your experience all depends on what you actually know-the island has a lot more to offer than what many travel agencies post on their brochures or websites. Aside from the excellent villa rentals available on the island, you'll also get to enjoy these other aspects of its personality.

Quaint Fishing Villages
Quaint Fishing Villages

Remember the setting of the 1999 film 'The Talented Mr Ripley'? The film was set in the 1950s, in Italy, but you'll get that same ambiance in the tiny fishing villages located along the coastline of Menorca. Many villa rentals are located within easy proximity (or right on) the coast, so you won't find it hard to find a favourite of your own. The most notable thing about these little fishing villages is their 'untouched' quality-it's as if the world has moved past and left them to it. They are largely unaffected by the tourism that has transformed the rest of this island in places. In Fornells, for instance, you can still enjoy an amazing sense of calm, day in and day out. Located on the northern coast, near the tip of a huge bay, the town is also a perfect spot for such activities as windsurfing and sailing. Although largely undeveloped, Fornells nevertheless overflows with elegance and charm.

Underwater Treasures

Some of the island's natural charms are actually hidden beneath the waves that lap the shores around many villa rentals. Hire a snorkel and explore the shallow waters to encounter all manner of underwater marine life. For the more adventurous, in many areas off the coast you'll find the remains of a number of shipwrecks-fodder for the senses of any avid archaeology fan. In one area called Cap de Cavalleria, there are so many archaeological treasures, here alone, it will make your head spin!

A Trail of Gardens

In Lithica, just a few miles some of Menorca's best rated villa rentals, is a secret gem that will keep coming back for more. An abandoned quarry has been transformed into a beautiful network of garden trails, where you can enjoy many a relaxing, mind-focusing stroll along paths teeming with vibrant flora. You can explore on your own, or take a tour to guide you through the botanical gardens. What's more, a modern, working quarry exists right next to the disused one, which allows visitors to appreciate the progress of the vital industry-building technologies used in extracting the stone.

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