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Explore the Main Sights Of Heraklion

As far as tourist destinations go, Greece is one of those locations that can offer the best of both worlds. Known, deservedly, for its appealing beaches and temperate climate, the country nonetheless offers motives of interest for avid ramblers or history buffs, among other groups.
The same is true of Crete, Greece's companion island, which offers just as many motives of interest as the mainland. In recent decades in particular, this island has been attracting the attention of many tourists, won over by the charms that this island shares with Greece itself.

Discovering the very best attractions

Most of these charms are likely to be experienced first-hand by guests first arriving in Crete, on the course of their Heraklion airport transfers. As Crete's main city, it holds many of the island's main tourist attractions, and visitors are likely to pass at least a few of these on the way to their hotel.
Most of the tourist sites these guests pass on their Heraklion airport transfers are likely to be of the cultural persuasion. The city's main motives of interest are its museums, any of which can help visitors get a grasp on the island's history and culture, as well as that of Greece itself.

Among the most famous museums in Heraklion is the Archaeological Museum, converted from an old power station and which offers guests a fascinating journey through Greek culture, from the early days of the Minoan period to later days. Highlights of this museum include the Phaestos Disc, as well as several examples of the sculptures, frescoes, jewellery and pottery ancient Greece was and is renowned for. These items have been painstakingly gathered from a number of different archaeological sites, and will no doubt constitute a motive of interest for history aficionados.

Other museums guests may pass by on their Heraklion airport transfers include the History Museum, as well as the one dedicated to the battle of Crete - only one of the many famous historical events to have taken place at the island. Another highlight is the Natural History Museum, also converted from an unused power plant, and where the main attraction is a realistic earthquake simulation.
However, museums are not the only thing tourists on Heraklion airport transfers will pass by on their way to their accommodation. Other sights they may want to bookmark for later include the Basilica of St. Mark, the Venetian Loggia mansion, the Palace of Knossos and the aquarium. Guests may also want to take note of the many picturesque and inviting squares, filled with quaint eateries and perfect for a break from their explorations.

It is clear, then, that under a seemingly plain exterior lies a city just as vibrant and ripe with history as any other in Greece - which visitors can begin to experience immediately on their way from the airport.

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