Once in a lifetime

Son Bou - A True Holiday Heaven

With a little more effort when planning and setting up contingency plans, your annual holidays can be memorable for all the right reasons. If you choose to take a break in the delightful Son Bou, holidays won't mean rushing around or spending obscene amounts of money. Here are just some clever ways to ensure that you enjoy the best experience.

Planning around the weather

When you've decided on Son Bou, holidays feature one thing in abundance - beaches. As such, visiting this beautiful coastal resort depends a lot on the weather-making the mistake of visiting it during a rainy spell (or worse, in the middle of the rainy season) can significantly diminish the experience. The resort's climate is typical of the Mediterranean: cooler during the months of spring (from April to May), becoming hot during summer, then cooling down again as winter approaches. The "winter" of other countries is translated by the Mediterranean climate into rainfall-so from November until March, there is the expected increase in rainfall. Plan your holiday around the spring and summer and you won't be disappointed.

Do your research

When you head to Son Bou, holidays and package deals abound. But before you go rushing off and booking something on the Internet, consider your options. Renting one of the delightful villas and maintaining a semblance of independence will allow you to explore more fully - and at your leisure. Keep an eye out for specials and deals as renting a villa is often more affordable than you might expect. The convenience of your own "home away from home" can't be beaten, especially if you're travelling with the family or a larger group. What sounds more appealing: a sterile, cramped hotel room with an ensuite (if you're lucky), or a magnificent, spacious villa with views and even your own pool? Thought so!

Getting around

Getting to know all your available transportation options as far as Son Bou holidays are concerned is essential. Reaching Menorca is very easy by air and the airport (Mahon Aeropuerto de Menorca) is less than an hour from the resort of Son Bou. Because the tourism industry here is mature and well established, there is an ordered and easy to use system of transport. Taxis are plentiful at the airport's main terminal building, while shuttle buses are also a good option. The cheapest, although not the most convenient, transportation option is by public bus, but if you really want to make the most of your stay, it is recommended you hire a car to get around the island with ease.

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