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Abu Dhabi Travel Guide

Abu Dhabi offers various attractions such as Al Maqtaa Fort, Dhow Cruising, Heritage Village, and Bateen Shipyard. There are lots of new and exciting things to do in the Abu Dhabi and the night life of Abu Dhabi is Awesome. you will have great luxurious facilities in Abu Dhabi as well. But that do not mean that the budget for holiday in Abu Dhabi is high. Abu Dhabi holidays offer all these things in affordable price as well.

If you are planning to go to Abu Dhabi for holiday then you will find many airlines that offer affordable flights to Abu Dhabi. The airlines like Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, and Gulf Airlines has a great affordable flight schedule. Talking about the rates of the flight from United States to Abu Dhabi then it is approximately between 700$ to 900$.

After reaching there, you will need a affordable hotel where you can stay during the holiday but there is nothing to worry about it because there are many great and popular hotels available in the Abu Dhabi that offers luxurious facilities like Attractive restaurant, Fitness center, Swimming pools and the Internet. And all these things are provided in affordable price too. The rates of these hotels for a day stay are starts from 50$ and few most popular hotels rates are approximately 250$. Hotels like Emirates Palace, Eclipse boutique suites and Al Manzel are the most popular hotels in Abu Dhabi which price are between 150$ to 300$.

To rent a car is the best thing to do to get all around the city to find and visit the all great and famous things and places in Abu Dhabi. There are more then 400 local companies that offer the good and affordable car rent service. Trawler, Dollar, Europcar and Budget are the some of the best car rent service provider in Abu Dhabi. And all these companies’ rates are very affordable. The rates are some where between 150$ to 250$. All these car rent service provider are the professional and they takes care of all the needs of their customers. They provide highly trained drivers, as well as great luxurious vehicle. And they provide maximum security to their customers.

So now we know that the Abu Dhabi is a complete package of the holiday for you and your family. And overall, Abu Dhabi has every thing that any one wants during their holiday time. You will definitely enjoy your holiday in Abu Dhabi and you will have great time in Abu Dhabi.


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