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Why Veracruz, Mexico is a great place to visit.

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by Sam Mdsn

While Veracruz Mexico might not be at the top of your list for Mexican tourist destinations, pretty much everyone has head of this unique Mexican port city on Mexico´s east coast. While Puerto Vallarta or Cancun might top the list of the more popular getaways, Veracruz is an off-the-beaten track Mexico holiday gem that offers a unique flavor for visitors and might be even better than you imagine.

Mexico is a country with centuries of rich history. If one includes the history of its native Indian populations, it goes back millennia. For history lovers, Veracruz is an ideal destination as it was Veracruz that served as the primary gateway to Spanish and the Caribbean and in as much, was a city of major importance. Counting nothing else, this port city stands out as the main gateway for Mexican slaves and is home to the largest population of Afro-Mexicans in the country. For those who find the history of the slave trade fascinating, Veracruz should be right up there with New Orleans, Cuba, and Haiti as destinations of historical interest.

Veracruz has something else in common with New Orleans in that it is home to Mexico’s most spectacular Carnival, or as they call it in New Orleans, Madri Gras. While there are other cities in Mexico known for great carnivals, Veracruz stands at the top of the list. It is also a fantastic destination with a unique Caribbean flavor in both it’s culture and its cuisine. If you have never tried a michelada which is a Mexican beer with lime and salt, nobody makes them better than in Veracruz. They even have a unique variety invested in Veracruz that adds sweeter flavors to the mix - a prefect choice to go with the fantastic seafood dishes available in Veracruz.

Of course, Veracruz Mexico has numerous historical attractions in the more traditional sense including fantastic architecture, cathedrals, and museums. Being a seaside port, it also has fishing, sailing and beach options although Veracruz is not a primary beach destination as it is a great historical attraction and at times a phenomenal party city. In fact, the beaches aren’t anywhere near as spectacular as those in Acapulco, Cancun, Ixtapa or other Mexican resorts, but Veracruz might be just the place for the more adventuresome traveler looking for something just a little different.

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If you are interested in coming to Mexico, be sure to list the great city Veracruz among your places to visit.

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