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Luxor - The World's Largest Outdoor Museum

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by Rob Atherton

Luxor is set in Upper Egypt at the banks of the Nile and is the departure point for most Nile cruise ships. Tourists get there by direct flights coming from Britain or alternatively via Cairo. If you prefer, you can use daily trains which go overnight from Cairo 400 miles to the north and onwards to Aswan.

Despite the fact that this is a leaving place for cruise ships, holidaymakers who decide to stay at one of the places to stay in Luxor will have loads to observe thanks to the range of historical destinations in the area. The Nile runs through the centre of Luxor and the respective sides of the river are often called the East Bank and West Bank.

The East Bank is the place where almost all of the hotels are located and the primary focal points from the cultural point of view include the Temples of Karnak and Luxor which are to the north and south of the city, in the region of two miles away from each other. Likewise, found on the East Bank are the Luxor Museum and Museum of Mummification. The Temple of Luxor is likewise well worth seeing at nighttime with its atmospheric lighting and fewer travellers and tourists, it boasts a completely different experience.

The West Bank is regarded as being the entry to the Valley of the Kings that may be most renowned for being the spot that the Tomb of Tutankhamen was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922. Another significant site is the Valley of the Queens which has the Tomb of Nefertari amidst its secrets.

In addition there are enough other locations of appeal but a highly encouraged activity is an early hot-air balloon trip over the ruins of the West Bank providing holidaymakers and visitors a different point of view on the superb historic riches on offer when they go to Luxor. If you adore ancient Egypt, Luxor is the location to visit.

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The popular city of Luxor is the perfect location for anyone interested in the history of Ancient Egypt.


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