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Cairo - The Historical Capital Of Egypt

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by Rob Atherton

Cairo is a very appealing place not just as the Nile is located here, it's also extremely popular for its shops. Nonetheless, there are some other reasons why visitors pick Cairo to go on holiday. The city is most well-known for having the oldest preserved empire structures including the Three Pyramids or the Sphinx. Its famous due to its historic attributes and especially the Pyramids. There are a huge number of visitors that pay a visit Cairo every week.

In order to relax there are lots of places to eat and they typically provide evening entertainment, its quite wonderful seeing people dance their own cultural movements.

In order to take it easy there are lots of restaurants and they typically provide evening entertainment, its rather fun watching people dance their traditional movements. There are a vast array of shops, hotels and even spa treatments which means if you are among the people who would like to treat themselves then there are no shortage of options.

Plenty of people enjoy the sunshine which means as soon as they arrive in Egypt they can't wait to use swimming pools. A number of hotels in Cairo now have salt water in their pools as opposed to chlorine and quite a few holidaymakers believe that's a fantastic idea.

Egypt is a Muslim country and beginning at 6 o'clock every morning people start to pray for the first of five times every day. There is a Mohamed Ali Mosque that is the symbol of Cairo. It's called that because there was a man known as Mohamed Ali (1769 - 1849) who was born in Cavalia, Greece and was of Albanian origin. He had been a soldier in the army that had been sent to Egypt to liberate them from Napoleon's occupation. Hence in the end he helped to free the nation and today people pray for him.

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Cairo is home to approximately 20 million people as well as some of the most stunning treasures of ancient Egypt.


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