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What to Look For in a Toronto Hotel

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By Amy Nutt

Travel can be exciting and interesting, but it's the little
things that matter - like where you're going to sleep for the
night, where to eat and how to get to where you're going. These
are all concerns that travelers tend to have and choosing the
right hotel is a huge factor in how much you'll enjoy your trip
to Toronto. Hotels can literally make or break your trip,
whether you're in town for business or pleasure.

Toronto hotels are many and the price ranges vary drastically,
depending on what level of luxury you want. While price is not
the only thing to consider when choosing a hotel, it is
certainly a factor for most people. Here are some other things
to think about when searching for a place to lay your head.


You'll want your hotel to be conveniently located, if possible.
This makes it easier to get around. If you're attending a
conference, for example, getting a room within the same hotel is
best, but anything nearby will be good, as well. Some places
further off the beaten path may charge less, but remember that
you'll need to factor in transit times, car rental or taxi


There really is nothing worse than bad service at a hotel. When
you need an extra blanket or more fresh towels, it's important
that these be provided. A good hotel will offer quality service,
no matter what price range they're in. Also take into
consideration any extra features you'll need, like room service
or internet access in your room.


How big are the rooms? You'll find that some Toronto hotels are
barely habitable because of the size. Unless you are really on a
tight budget, there's no need to cram into a matchbox sized
room. Adjoining rooms are also a good idea if you have children,
but want to keep two separate rooms.


This is part of price, but you need to look at the cost per
person. Some hotels allow you to have just one or two people per
bed, while others are fine if you want to cram a few more in.
This all works out to a cost per person.


Using membership cards, either from a hotel chain or American
Express can sometimes get you a nice upgrade, so check for
hotels that let you do this. It will really make a difference in
your trip.


Are there special features you would like to have included?
These might include a pool, spa, or just a nice place to sit
outside and read. Different hotels have different levels of
features, some might be very basic, while others will include
everything from a spa to waterslides for the kids.

Choosing a hotel is a very personal choice. Your own preferences
and budget will determine what sort of Toronto hotel you'll
want. If you are traveling alone, you might not need as many
amenities, but with your family, you could opt for something a
bit more entertaining than a plain hotel.

Toronto hotels have options for everyone. Keep in mind that
hotels near major attractions will tend to be higher priced than
those away from the action, but don't forget to factor in the
per person cost and transportation, as well. It might be worth
getting a room nearer certain attractions if you can save on the
rental car cost. With a little research, you'll be ready to
start making reservations and booking your trip.

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