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Madrid Hotel Guide

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By Rahul Viz

Madrid is the capital city of Spain, and is its largest city.
The city is located on the Manzanares river and is in the center
of the country. Because of this location, Madrid is considered
to be the chief political and financial area of the country.

Madrid has a population of just over 3 million people. It was at
one time the capital of the Spanish Empire and is full of many
prominent museums. Though the site of Madrid has been settled
for many thousands of years, it was officially founded around
the 9th century, when a palace was ordered to be built there by
Mehmed I.

Many people who visit Madrid become attracted to the many charms
of the city. The city has a Mediterranean climate, and the best
time to visit is during the spring. During this time the weather
is excellent and the city isn't full of tourists.

Madrid is city which has plenty things for you to do. It is well
known for the many museums it has, and those who enjoy art and
history will want to visit the Museo del Prado. You will also be
impressed by the many boulevards and plazas. If you want to see
the remains of an 18th century hospital which has been turned
into a museum, you will want to visit the Centro de Arte Reina

Soccer, known as Football in Spain, is extremely popular and
travelers who enjoy playing sports will want to play or watch
professionals compete. Madrid has one of the world's best Soccer
teams. If you enjoy playing less active sports such as golf,
there are many parks available but Golf Park is open for

If you enjoy swimming, the city has many outdoor pools available
in the summer and indoor pools available during the winter
months. When it comes to the nightlife in Madrid, you can party
all night if you so wish at the many dance clubs available.
Madrid is becoming well known all over the world for its party

When it comes to food, Madrid has a strong Spanish cuisine due
to its many immigrants from Spanish countries. It also offers
French, Indian, and North African cuisines. You will also find
delicious seafood and great desserts.

Madrid, like most of Spain, is one of the most affordable areas
of Europe. This is great news for backpackers and budget
travelers. It is possible for the most frugal travelers to spend
as low as 20 euros a day by staying at the cheapest places and
making their own food.

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