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Free Hotel Deals - How To Get Free Hotel Nights

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By Dani Alonso

Free Hotel Deals are hard to find and even when you find them
most of the times they will come involved with hidden costs or
obligations to attend high-pressure sales presentations. I will
explain how to avoid that to happen and also recommend a
reliable place where to get your free hotel deals.

First of all, you need to understand that finding free hotel
deals is not something as easy as it may seem. Sure in many
places you will find the so much loved "free" label. This word
has become absolutely empty of meaning nowadays, because for
some reason now we get things for free when we pay for them.
That should be normal, shouldn't it? You pay for it, and you get
if free of... Extra charges? Why should they charge you more?
You have already payed for it!

What I mean in the end is that wherever we go the first word we
find is always free and later we go discovering the costs. If we
keep in mind that the total cost is the only thing that matters,
then we will do a great job with it. Total cost does not mean
only for the stay at the hotel, it means total cost that
involves the fact of taking this offer. Many offers will tell
you that you must get your breakfast and dinner at the hotel, or
will put some obligations that will cause extra costs. You need
to evaluate all them and take away a percentage of savings. If
that percentage is lower than a 60%, normally you are not in
front of a good free hotel deals company. If it is higher around
70% or higher, I certainly would go for it. You can even find
some offers that reach an 80% discount.

Legislation, at least in the US, says that even if hotel rooms
are given away for free for marketing purposes, the government
taxes must be payed anyway. If this is not mentioned in the
offer, you can get worried, because you will have to pay for
them for sure. It will vary on the hotel, but normally they are
around a 10%. When looking for free hotel deals you must
remember also that a redemption fee will always need to be
payed. That is the only way that travel certificate companies
can offer their products. If redemption fees do not exist,
probably this company will put you into one of this
high-pressure sales presentations and they expect to get a
commission from this.

As always, to get those free hotel deals, you will need to
purchase a product or have a minimum expense in a determined
place. Companies can purchase hotel certificates for as little
as $0.40 when bought in bulk, so many times you will not need to
spend a lot in order to get a good prize. Compare the amount you
spend with what you get in return and also with the value that
the product you buy has. Don't buy a product simply to get the

If you are interested in gaining insight in travel industry
secrets, there is a good place where 6 different e-books are
offered. They cover issues such as airline transportation,
travel agencies, consolidators, accommodation discounts and many
strategies and tricks in order to travel always cheaper. With
the purchase of 1 of those e-books, you get free hotel deals.
Basically a package of 2 nights in more than 30 possible
destinations in the US is available. Summing up all the costs
for hotel taxes, redemption fees and shipping cost, you will be
paying $24 per person (the certificate is per hotel room, and I
consider that normally it will be occupied by 2 paying members).
Providing that the retail value of the stay is more than
$100/person, you are saving a 76%.

About the Author: To get to know this place better:
http://travel-industry-secrets.blogspot.com/ Other travel
incentive places using the same supplier are:
http://interactive-language-courses.blogspot.com/ and
http://free-hotels.blogspot.com Dani Alonso

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